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The Workbench Level 3 is a large, deployable structure used for learning new blueprints at random.


The Workbench Level 3 requires the following to craft:

  • 1000 Metal Fragments
  • 100 High Quality Metal
  • 1250 Scrap
  • 60 Seconds (Crafting Time)
  • Close Proximity to Workbench Level 2 or higher


The Workbench Level 3 is used primarily for the research of new blueprints, but can also be used as a station to refill Oxygen Tanks and the Jackhammer.

To use the Workbench, first place it in a suitable location and press the Use key to interact (Default: E). Once opened, the Workbench will show a GUI with two empty slots entitled "Scrap To Use" and "Experiement Result". Players can insert scrap into the first slot and choose the "Begin Experiement" button at the bottom to start the blueprint creation. After 10 seconds, a random blueprint of that level will be given to the player in the second slot. The Workbench Level 3 requires 1000 Scrap to create a blueprint.

Players will always recieve a blueprint of that level from random - however - if a player already has knowledge of a blueprint, a duplicate will not be shown. Players are therefore suggested to learn the given blueprint first before starting new research, to prevent the chance of duplicate blueprints. Once a player has learnt all available blueprints of that workbench level, they will lose the ability to research more and be given a message stating that they have learnt all available blueprints of that level.

Players can also use the Workbench to refill Scuba Tanks and Jackhammers. Simply open the Workbench, select either the Scuba Tank or Jackhammer and click "Refill" option above the "Drop" option. Note that refilling tanks and jackhammers will cause a small amount of permanant damage, limiting their maximum capacity or use. (Similar to that of a Repair Bench)