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For the Legacy content, see Workbench (Legacy).A Work Bench is a deployable item required for crafting certain items. Currently, there are three different tiers ranging from 1 to 3. While close to it, blueprints are enabled to be crafted, as long as the required materials are present.

Using a higher tier Workbench than required results in a shortened crafting time of 50% less for the immediate next tier and caps at 75% less for the second tier above. However, for the duration boost to apply throughout a crafting queue, one needs to stay in range of the respective Workbench.

As of devblog 185, Workbenches can also be used for Experimentation, creating blueprints of a random item that requires the respective Workbench to be crafted

Work Bench Level 1
Work Bench Level 1 icon

A Work Bench Level 1 can be crafted using:

and is required to craft: Not the blueprints

Construction icon Build
Floor Grill icon Floor Grill Chainlink Fence Gate icon Chainlink Fence Gate Chainlink Fence icon Chainlink Fence
Garage Door icon Garage Door Metal Shop Front icon Metal Shop Front Sandbag Barricade icon Sandbag Barricade
Metal Vertical embrasure icon Metal Vertical embrasure Metal horizontal embrasure icon Metal horizontal embrasure Metal Window Bars icon Metal Window Bars
High External Wooden Gate icon High External Wooden Gate High External Wooden Wall icon High External Wooden Wall Small Water Catcher icon Small Water Catcher
Wooden Ladder icon Wooden Ladder Wood Shutters icon Wood Shutters
Fire Extinguisher icon Items
Vending Machine icon Vending Machine Repair Bench icon Repair Bench Bed icon Bed
Ceiling Light icon Ceiling Light Chair icon Chair Fridge icon Fridge
Reactive Target icon Reactive Target Research Table icon Research Table Work Bench Level 2 icon Work Bench Level 2
Small Wooden Sign icon Small Wooden Sign Wooden Sign icon Wooden Sign Large Wooden Sign icon Large Wooden Sign
Huge Wooden Sign icon Huge Wooden Sign One Sided Town Sign Post icon One Sided Town Sign Post Table icon Table
Gun Powder icon Gun Powder
T-Shirt icon T-Shirt Pants icon Pants Longsleeve T-Shirt icon Longsleeve T-Shirt
Miners Hat icon Miners Hat Jacket icon Jacket Shirt icon Shirt
Riot Helmet icon Riot Helmet Snow Jacket - Red icon Snow Jacket - Red Tank Top icon Tank Top
Beenie Hat icon Beenie Hat Bucket Helmet icon Bucket Helmet
Tools icon Tools
Salvaged Hammer icon Salvaged Hammer Hatchet icon Hatchet Pick Axe icon Pick Axe
Satchel Charge icon Satchel Charge
Weaponstab icon Weapons
Simple Handmade Sight icon Simple Handmade Sight Salvaged Sword icon Salvaged Sword Stone Spear icon Stone Spear
Crossbow icon Crossbow Beancan Grenade icon Beancan Grenade Nailgun icon Nailgun
Revolver icon Revolver Mace icon Mace Silencer icon Silencer
Double Barrel Shotgun icon Double Barrel Shotgun Waterpipe Shotgun icon Waterpipe Shotgun Weapon Flashlight icon Weapon Flashlight
Ammunition icon Ammo
Pistol Bullet icon Pistol Bullet High Velocity Arrow icon High Velocity Arrow
Traps icon Traps
Snap Trap icon Snap Trap Shotgun Trap icon Shotgun Trap Flame Turret icon Flame Turret

Work Bench Level 2

Work Bench Level 2 icon

A Work Bench Level 2 can be crafted at a Work Bench Level 1 using:

and is required to craft:

Construction icon Build
Concrete Barricade icon Concrete Barricade Prison Cell Gate icon Prison Cell Gate Prison Cell Wall icon Prison Cell Wall
Large Water Catcher icon Large Water Catcher Metal Barricade icon Metal Barricade Ladder Hatch icon Ladder Hatch
Fire Extinguisher icon Items
Large Furnace icon Large Furnace Drop Box icon Drop Box Locker icon Locker
Small Oil Refinery icon Small Oil Refinery Search Light icon Search Light Work Bench Level 3 icon Work Bench Level 3
Heavy Plate Helmet icon Heavy Plate Helmet Heavy Plate Jacket icon Heavy Plate Jacket Heavy Plate Pants icon Heavy Plate Pants
Hoodie icon Hoodie Boots icon Boots Coffee Can Helmet icon Coffee Can Helmet
Road Sign Jacket icon Road Sign Jacket Road Sign Kilt icon Road Sign Kilt
Tools icon Tools
Salvaged Axe icon Salvaged Axe Salvaged Icepick icon Salvaged Icepick Survey Charge icon Survey Charge
Medical icon Medical
Medical Syringe icon Medical Syringe Large Medkit icon Large Medkit
Weaponstab icon Weapons
Python Revolver icon Python Revolver Flame Thrower icon Flame Thrower F1 Grenade icon F1 Grenade
Semi-Automatic Pistol icon Semi-Automatic Pistol Semi-Automatic Rifle icon Semi-Automatic Rifle Pump Shotgun icon Pump Shotgun
Thompson icon Thompson Salvaged Cleaver icon Salvaged Cleaver Muzzle Boost icon Muzzle Boost
Custom SMG icon Custom SMG Muzzle Brake icon Muzzle Brake Longsword icon Longsword
Ammunition icon Ammo
5.56 Rifle Ammo icon 5.56 Rifle Ammo 12 Gauge Buckshot icon 12 Gauge Buckshot Incendiary Pistol Bullet icon Incendiary Pistol Bullet
HV Pistol Ammo icon HV Pistol Ammo 12 Gauge Slug icon 12 Gauge Slug
Traps icon Traps
Land Mine icon Land Mine Auto Turret icon Auto Turret
Metal Blade icon Metal Blade Empty Propane Tank icon Empty Propane Tank

Work Bench Level 3

Work Bench Level 3 icon

A Work Bench Level 3 can be crafted at a Work Bench Level 2 using:

and is required to craft:

Construction icon Build
High External Stone Gate icon High External Stone Gate Armored Door icon Armored Door Armored Double Door icon Armored Double Door
Reinforced Window Bars icon Reinforced Window Bars Reinforced Glass Window icon Reinforced Glass Window
Explosives icon Explosives
Metal Facemask icon Metal Facemask Metal Chest Plate icon Metal Chest Plate
Tools icon Tools
Timed Explosive Charge icon Timed Explosive Charge
Weaponstab icon Weapons
Assault Rifle icon Assault Rifle Bolt Action Rifle icon Bolt Action Rifle Rocket Launcher icon Rocket Launcher
MP5A4 icon MP5A4 4x Zoom Scope icon 4x Zoom Scope Weapon Lasersight icon Weapon Lasersight
Holosight icon Holosight
Ammunition icon Ammo
Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo icon Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo icon HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo icon Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo
Rocket icon Rocket High Velocity Rocket icon High Velocity Rocket
Gears icon Gears Metal Pipe icon Metal Pipe Sewing Kit icon Sewing Kit
Metal Spring icon Metal Spring



The Experimentation Interface of a Work Bench 3.

As of devblog 185, Workbenches can now be used for Blueprint researching as well, with the major difference of yielding random blueprints. Depending on which Workbench you use, you get different random blueprints belonging to the crafting tier of the respective Workbench. For example a Work Bench Level 1 Experiment might yield a Floor Grill blueprint, but not a Large Furnace blueprint.


In order to experiment at a Workbench, simply put the required amount of scrap in the upper slot and press the then appearing "Begin Experiment" button. The Interface will then be locked for a short duration and closing the Workbench's interface will not cancel the experiment. After finishing, a random - previously unknown blueprint to the player initiating the experiment - blueprint will be available in the lower slot.
Note: You need to learn the blueprint before starting another experiment if you don't wish the same blueprint appearing again.

The prices for experimenting at a Workbench vary as their results:

Workbench Tier Scrap Cost
Level 1 75 Scrap icon Scrap
Level 2 300 Scrap icon Scrap
Level 3 1000 Scrap icon Scrap


  • Since the duration boost caps at 75% for the second higher tier, a Work Bench Level 3 will provide the same duration boost to a blueprint requiring no Work Bench, as the Work Bench 2 would.