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Wooden Doors may be crafted with 30 Wood in the crafting menu.

- It takes 30 seconds to craft a Wooden Door.

- It takes around 5 minutes after you break a door to replace it with a new one.


  • 0,5HP per Rock - 250 Hits
  • 2HP per Stone Hatchet - 250 Hits
  • 2HP per Hatchet - 250 Hits
  • 1HP per Pickaxe - 85 Hits
  • 40HP per Salvaged Hammer - 12,5 hits
  • 600HP per Explosive Charge Explosion - 1 Hits


  • You can place your own door after destruction after a five minute cool down.
  • You can unlock you door by holding use (default 'E') and selecting 'Unlock'. You may then do the same but select 'Lock' to re-enable the lock.
  • You can set a PIN number for your door by holding use (default 'E') and selecting 'Change Lock'. A GUI will appear with 'New Password' on it, then a text box. Inside the text box you can enter your 4-Digit PIN code (numbers only). You may also click cancel if you wish to exit the GUI without changes being made. Once you have entered your desired PIN number, click 'Okay' and your door should now have a PIN number on it.
  • Metal Doors and Wood Walls require explosive charges to destroy.Navbox crafting data added

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