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9mm Pistol

The 9mm Pistol is a craftable weapon which fires up to 12 9mm ammo rounds. It requires 10 Low Quality Metal  to make.


Though the 9mm Pistol is slightly weaker than the P250, but it has virtually no recoil at all so it's good for beginners, and also holds more ammo than the P250. This makes the pistol great for situations where frequent reloads can be dangerous, such as hard-to-hit enemies or multiple assailants.


  • The 9mm Pistol is based on the Beretta 92FS chambered in 9x19mm.


  • When an optic is attached, the model incorrectly shows a claw mount attached to the slide. Claw mounts are generally used only for H&K weapons (like the MP5A4) and would not work on a pistol.
  • When the player pulls out the weapon, the wielder racks the slide to check for a round in the chamber, however the slide is racked too far back, and in reality this would cause the round to eject into the wielder's face. Alternatively, the wielder could be chambering a round in the weapon with a fresh mag. This is still inaccurate considering this is done every time the weapon is equipped.
  • In reality, the Beretta 92FS in 9x19mm holds 15 + 1 rounds in its magazine.
  • The inventory picture of the 9mm shows a CZ-75 Tactical Sport but the model shows a Beretta 92FS


You will need 10 Low Quality Metal as well as the blueprint learnt to craft a 9mm pistol; 10 Low Quality Metal equates to 150 metal fragments.

Bolt Action Rifle

The Bolt Action Rifle was one of the strongest and rarest weapons in the game. It used 556 Ammo and could fire three times before needing a full reload. It was primary used as a sniper rifle due to it's effectiveness at long range combat. It's effectiveness at long range could also be improved by adding a Holographic Sight and/or a Silencer. However, Silencers were known to decrease the range of the rifle.

The Bolt Action Rifle was great for raids, as one could have a teammate position themselves on a hill or rock and provide overwatch and covering fire on the targeted base. It took one shot to the head or two to the chest to kill a player regardless of what Armor they were wearing.


The Bolt Action Rifle could be found in Loot Crates.

It could also be crafted at a Workbench after using a Research Kit on the Bolt Action Rifle:

It took 60 seconds to craft.


A player holding a Bolt Action Rifle with no modifications.

Explosive Charge

The Explosive Charge (commonly called "C4" or "Satchel Charge") is a craftable explosive weapon that can be placed on walls and doors. It takes one C4 charge to destroy a Wood Door and two for a Metal Door when placed in the center. C4 will deal damage to anyone standing within a close proximity when it explodes.

Explosive Charges are not to be confused with Explosives!


Explosive Charges can be found as rare drops in green and Silver/YellowLoot Crates (commonly found in rad areas), and are also rarely dropped by Mutant Bears & Wolves, whereas Airdrops commonly contain up to 2 of them per crate. 


The explosive charge needs to be researched before being crafted.

It requires:

The materials required in order to craft 1 Explosive Charge from scratch is (note: you need a crafting table to craft some of these):

(Not including Low Grade Fuel or Wood used in Furnace)


Explosives Needed Per Structure:

  • All structures take decay damage over time, results may vary!

Wood Shelter : 2 Explosive Charge

Wood Door : 1 Explosive Charge

Wood Wall : 2-3 Explosive Charges

Metal Door : 2-3 Explosive Charges

Metal Wall : 3-4 Explosive Charges

Wood Doorway: 2-3 Explosive Charges

metal bars: 2-4

F1 Grenade

Grenades are explosive items, they have a throwing range of approximately 40 meters. The high cost, low damage and low throwing distance make it very impractical for low level players. Due to these factors, it is considered to be the least useful weapon in the game at this time.

To craft this item a player will need the "F1 Grenade" Blueprint, or must research it.


At least two grenades are required to kill a person with full health and with perfect hits. The grenade deals damage to wooden and metal structures. Wood Barricade may also be destroyed with grenades.

Metal Doors may be destroyed with 10-20 grenades thrown at the door's base. Wood walls take 12 grenades.

Hand Cannon

The Hand Cannon (known as the Shady Hand Cannon or the Eoka Pistol in the crafting menu) is a craftable Weapon that uses Handmade Shells. It is the simplest gun to craft, using only 20 Wood and 10 Metal Fragments to make. This gun is only useful up close, and should not be used for long range, as it is extremely ineffective.


The Hand Cannon is primitive in both sight and usage. Shooting, unlike all but one other gun, is not instantaneous. Instead there is a relatively short delay (which is also random; so, you can shoot after 1,2 or 3 attempts) to when the shell is fired. It also has high recoil, but due to the gun only having one shot before it has to be reloaded, this is mostly irrelevant. this gun is ineffective against multiple targets such as savage bandits, as the reload time and lack of range will leave you vulnerable against most weapons. The animation used when firing the weapon is striking the top of the gun with a piece of flint or a shard of something. One not paying close attention may think the player is hitting the gun to make it fire.




The hatchet can be used as both a Weapon and a tool. It consumes hunger ('food' bar in lower right corner of the screen) when swung. It is a functionally improved version of the Stone Hatchet as it deals more damage to players & animals, and gathers more from wood piles as well as Rocks.


As a Weapon

The hatchet is a melee weapon, capable of killing unarmored human players in four hits. As a melee weapon, it has a disadvantage compared to firearms. However, sprinting and zig-zagging toward an enemy with ranged weapons will help close the distance while simultaneously making it difficult for the enemy to aim.

As a Tool

The hatchet can be used to gather resources. Repeatedly hitting TreesWood Piles, Rocks, and fallen animals will give you their resources. It has a major advantage gathering resources from animals compared to the Pickaxe.

It can also be used to break down structures such as Wood Storage BoxesSleeping BagsCamp FiresWood BarricadesWood Shelters, and Wood Doors. 200 hits will deconstruct Wood Doors. (The Pickaxe is also capable of demolishing these objects/structures).


The Hatchet is made with:

It takes 20 seconds to craft.


Hunting Bow

Hunting Bows were crafted with 35 Wood and 5 Cloth. (Players did not need a Workbench to make a Hunting Bow.)

The Hunting Bow was a single shot weapon with variable power. The longer a player held down the fire key (after the racking animation of the Arrow is complete), the further the Arrow would travel. The Arrow had high damage and could kill a Boar or Deer in 2 hits. No weapon attachments could be added to the Hunting Bow, and Arrows were stackable to 10 Arrows per slot (in inventory).

The low crafting requirements made it the primary weapon of choice for new players who did not have access to Metal to craft proper guns. The high damage also made it a good marksman weapon for those who could land shots easily, and the adjustable power made it a decent long range weapon. Additionally, the Hunting Bow made minimal noise when fired, therefore making it a perfect choice for players who did not wish to attract unwanted attention.

There were no "iron sights" for the weapon, so the only way for players to aim their shots was to make a guess as to where the center of the screen is, which is where the Arrows fired. To help improve accuracy with the Bow, one could use a small piece of tape in the center of their screen to ensure the arrows fired more accurately. The Arrow had projectile drop at range, so long range shots were harder to pull off. The maximum range of the weapon is unknown, and the damage drop off of the weapon is also unknown at far ranges. The Hunting Bow was unable to produce headshots. Practice on moving animals was also a good way for players to practice their aim.

It was advisable to kite an aggressive target (such as a Wolf or Bear), of current stats, the player was the fastest unit and could gain enough distance between its target to occasionally fire a full-powered Arrow without being hit. However, this tactic did not work against other players as all players had the exact same speed while sprinting.

The Hunting Bow will kill a player in 2 successful body shots no matter the armor. (ya dickhead)


The Hunting Bow could be crafted with:

It took 20 seconds to craft.

Note: The Hunting Bow was a default crafting recipe.



The M4 is a craftable weapon that fires 5.56/223 caliber rounds. The magazine holds 24 rounds currently. It requires 30 Low Quality Metal to craft, which equal to 450 metal fragments.


Its large ammo capacity, excellent accuracy, high damage, and rapid-fire capability make it a force to be reckoned with at almost all ranges. The iron sights on the weapon are a bit restrictive on peripheral vision, so a Holographic Sight upgrade may prove useful.

Because the M4 can spend its ammo quickly, it's best to conserve ammunition when firing. You should fire in short, controlled bursts or single shot. This weapon is for long accuracy.


  • The M4 is based on the Colt M4A1 chambered in 5.56x45mm
  • It is the left handed variant of the M4A1 model
  • It uses a rear catapult iron sight in replacement of the default carry handle iron sight, an OD crane stock in replacement of a black LE stock, a UTG16 grip in replacement of the stock M4A1 grip, and 2 OD rail covers on the RIS hand guard.
  • It is extremely hard to find, you can find the M4 in chests, from dead players and rarely from red bears and wolves (mutants).


  • The charging handle is racked every time the weapon is equipped. In reality, this is only done when initially loading the weapon, or to eject rounds from the chamber when unloading the weapon after removing the magazine or in the process of dealing with a malfunction. (The charging handle should only be racked to cycle the bolt, not after a wet reload.. i.e.: there is still a round in the chamber.)
  • The weapon's model is flipped, all controls other than the bolt catch should be on the right side of the gun along with the ejection port.
  • The weapon's dust cover should rest on the shoulder which is below it, not above it.
  • The Silencer is placed at the end of the flash hider instead of covering it completely.


The MP5A4 is a craftable weapon that fires 9mm Ammo. It requires 300 Metal Fragments (20 Low Quality Metal) to craft.


The MP5A4 is one of two automatic weapons. Though expensive to make, the MP5A4 boasts good damage and a higher capacity than the pistols, making it great for extended engagements or multiple foes. It also takes a significantly shorter time to look down the sights compared to other guns.


  • The MP5A4 is based on the Heckler and Koch MP5A4 chambered in 9x19mm
  • The MP5A4 deals less damage than the P250, however it has a larger magazine and faster fire rate.


The P250 is a craftable weapon which holds up to 8 9mm rounds in its magazine. It requires 12 Low Quality Metal to craft, which equates to 180 metal fragments.


The P250 does slightly more damage than the 9mm Pistol allowing it to be a 3 shot kill rather than a 4 shot (if no Armor), but at the cost of a smaller magazine capacity. This is a good weapon for accurate shooters and those who prefer a stronger side arm.

It is not preferred over the Shotgun, even though it has the same cost the shotgun is better; players also have the P250's 9mm ammo researched at the start of the game, but not the shotgun shells learnt, but you can find a research kit off a rad wolf and shotgun shells in a common crate in small rad and you already know it.


  • The P250 is based on the Sig Sauer P250, chambered in 9x19mm.
  • It is the highest damaging pistol in the game, if you do not include the Hand Cannon.

Pick Axe

The pickaxe is a tool and weapon that you can craft and is commonly dropped by mutant wolves/bears or found inside loot crates. Swinging this weapon burns 10 calories and makes you hungry much faster than any of the other tools.


As a Weapon

The pickaxe is the most powerful melee weapon, killing unarmored human players in two hits. it can also kill a full Kevlar player with 6-8 hits. It is a heavy weapon that deals more damage than the Hatchet, but also swings much slower. It does have a slight range advantage compared to the hatchet. It can also be used as a charging weapon, by swinging before you encounter an enemy in hitting distance, then running towards them and past them while the Pickaxe is still doing the swinging animation. If you time it right, you can hit players and animals without taking any damage yourself.

As a Tool

The pickaxe can be used to gather resources from rocks at a faster rate than the hatchet, but is slower at getting resources from animals. Repeatedly hitting trees, wood piles, rocks, or fallen animals will give you their resources. The pickaxe is the worst tool for collecting resources from fallen animals, for a hatchet (or even the starter rock!) can do better.

The pickaxe can also be used to break down structures such as storage boxes, furnaces, sleeping bags, beds, campfires, barricades, spike walls and doors, at around twice the speed of a hatchet. The pickaxe can also destroy Wood Shelters in 167 hits.


The weapon can only be crafted after using a Research Kit to find the recipe. It is made using 40 Wood and 15 Metal Fragments.

The Pickaxe takes 20 seconds to craft.


  • When hitting a tree with pickaxe, you will get 2 Wood instead of 1 once every 2 hits.

Pipe Shotgun

The Pipe Shotgun had a longer range than the Hand Cannon and fired 6 pellets with each shot. It Used Handmade Shells as ammunition and held 1 shell per reload. It was replaced by the Waterpipe Shotgun.

With its slow reloading speed and only 1 shell per reload, it as a cheap replacement for the Shotgun. This was mainly effective for use when quickly hunting without fear of being caught (the sound carries far), or when only a single shot was needed to finish another player (this could work in groups or against naked hostiles).


Crafted with  50 Wood and 40 Metal Fragments on a Workbench.


The Pipe Shotgun done 144 damage when all 6 pellets hit the target, the following is the approximate amount of shots it required to kill specific animals.

  • Deer - 1 Close Range Shot
  • Bear - 2 Close Range Shots
  • Boar - 1 Close Range Shot
  • Wolf - 1 Close Range Shot


When reloading, the player put in a shotgun shell, while pipe shotgun only used handcrafted shells.


Pipe Shotgun pointed at another player.


The Revolver is a weapon that fires 9mm Ammo and holds 8 rounds while loaded. The Revolver was added January 9, 2014.


The Revolver can be crafted using:


Same as for Bolt Action Rifle, In the earlier versions of alpha, attaching flashlight or laser sight would direct them to the side. It could be fixed by attaching silencer. This bug was fixed in 01/20 update.

Before the Revolver was added, 9mm pistol used to be a default craftable weapon.The 9mm pistol has been removed from the default craftables.

The revolver uses the same rounds that a 9mm pistol uses, which is 9mm

The Revolver is cheaper than the 9mm pistol, making it a primary choice on early-game players as it acts essentially the same as a 9mm pistol, except with lower firing rate, smaller cylinder size/cartridge count, but with 4 more units of damage, but 4 units of damage less than the P250 (but still much cheaper).


  • The rounds shown on a fully loaded revolver have dents in all the primers showing that all the rounds have already been fired.


The Rock was the first harvesting tool you could use in Legacy. Unlike other tools, it was unbreakable.

Players automatically spawned with one on their hotbar when they spawned into the world for the first time (or re-spawned after being killed). Every time a player logged to the same server after their first spawn, a rock would appear in their inventory if they didn't have one already. It was commonly thought to be a nuisance once the player has gotten more efficient tools, aka the Hatchet or the Pickaxe, and was usually thrown away.

The reason why players spawned with the Rock upon re-logging (if they did't have one already), is due to highly geared players regularly forcing newly spawned players to give them their rock in exchange for their life. This left new spawns defenseless, and extremely difficult for said players to gather resources. After observing this behavior, the developers updated the game so you would spawn with a rock each time you re-log on the same server to ensure that players always had some way to gather resources.


  • In one of Markiplier's Rust videos, both he and Bob refer to the Rock as the 'Gun Rock'. This was a reference to the fact that when a player held the Rock it looked like they were holding a gun when viewed by another player.
  • The rocks that the Furnace was made out of appear to resemble the handheld Rock. However, it has not been confirmed whether it is the same view model or not.


The Rock. (First person view).


The shotgun is a craftable Weapon that uses up to 8 Shotgun Shells. It requires 180 Metal Fragments (12 Low Quality Metal) to craft.


The shotgun is an extremely powerful weapon, albeit at close range only. Due to the combination of low range and high pellet spread, the shotgun is only useful where engagements are limited to only a few meters. While extremely effective at countering axe-wielding foes and animals, the shotgun is easily outmatched at range, where even a 9mm Pistol can easily outdo it. Its sluggish performance does not lend itself well to multiple foes either. However it can kill a wolf in one and a bear in two "good" hits.

Ammunition for the shotgun is the most resource-intensive of the 3 ammunition types. Because of this and the shotgun's very low range, it is better to use these resources to craft a different ammo type for a different weapon. 

You can unload the gun by right clicking the gun in the UI and selecting unload. Then reload it again to rack it.

it has a low chance to spawn in a crate, but a medium chance to be found as a blueprint on red bears and wolves.


  • The Shotgun is based on the Benelli SuperNova chambered in 12 gauge.
  • It is a left handed variant of the Benelli SuperNova.


  • When reloading, the player always puts three shells in, no matter how many were missing.
  • Holographic sight uses a mount (like the MP5A4), instead of being directly attached to the gun's rails.
  • Benelli does not manufacture a left-handed variant of the SuperNova.
  • The iron-sights are incorrectly aligned.
  • A rifle suppressor can be attached to the barrel.

Stone Hatchet

Can be used as a weapon or a tool for gathering materials. The stone hatchet gathers the same number of resources as the rock but hits slightly slower than the hatchet.


Cannot be looted, except from other players.


Can be crafted with:


The stone hatchet along with the pickaxe appear as a metal hatchet when held and viewed by another player. That is a result of the first person models being client-side, and the developers never animated tools individually. The same issue can be seen with all weapons appearing as a low poly m4.

This asset was added in later as the art style and direction of the game began to change. It uses a completely different hand rig like the other "Handmade" weapons and tools


Stone hatchet in hand

Uber Hatchet

The Uber Hatchet was a weapon in Rust that could only be obtained by admins and therefore had be spawned through a console command. It took far less time to swing then any other weapon in the game, as well as being able to kill players, take down structural items, and kill animals in one hit. The Uber Hatchet played music on a loop when equipped and made a grunting noise when swung. It could not be dropped by the owner and would also despawn when they disconnected (or died), therefore preventing it from being obtained by players without access to admin commands.


Uber Hunting Bow

The Uber (Admin) Hunting Bow is a weapon spawnable only by administrators. It deals 75 damage per hit, can be drawn in a hundredth of a second and held for 64 seconds and shoots insanely quick arrows. Could be considered a ranged companion to the Uber Hatchet.

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