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A Vending Machine will sell your items and it does not require the direct presence of it's owner. Vending machine owners must be careful, however, as it can be destroyed and whichever items it was selling would become available for looting.

When looking at the map the vending machine will show its location as a shopping cart. The color of the cart on the map will depend on its status - if the machine is selling something it will be shown as a green shopping cart within a circle; if the machine has ran out of items it will be a red shopping cart within a circle.

The owner can toggle "broadcast location" by holding down "E" and accessing the configuration settings. If "broadcast location" is switched to off, the machine will not show up on maps regardless of if it has items for sale or not.

Vending machines can be placed in Doorways, but they don't have to be, as they can also be freely placed anywhere just like any other item.


The display on the vending machine looks similar to the screens present throughout Bethesda's "Fallout" series.

When a spear is thrown just above a Vending Machine placed in a doorway it will pass through the wall and damage items and players beyond it.


  • Army Vending Machine - Marketable, Tradeable
  • Brass Vending Machine - Marketable, Tradeable
  • Rox Black Vending Machine - Marketable, Tradeable
  • RustyCola Machine - Not Marketable, Not Tradeable
  • Sand Tone Vending Machine - Marketable, Tradeable
  • Urban Vending Machine - Marketable, Tradeable