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Trainyard Overview

The Industrial Train Yard.

The Train Yard is one of several Monuments present in Rust. It has moderate levels of Radiation all around, with some exceptions.


The Train Yard comprises of several tall, concrete buildings, a couple of sheet metal sheds, a climbable tower, metal pipes and two freight cranes - all scattered about the railroad tracks, upon which abandoned railway carriages rest.

There are numerous ways in which the sewers underneath can be accessed.

There is a storage facility in front of the main building, filled with stacked shipping containers; nearby is a railroad coal chute.


The Train Yard offers access to a Repair Bench, Recycler, Pump Jack and a Small Oil Refinery.


Nearly all types of containers can spawn at the Train Yard. With the exception of Crude Oil Barrels, one could find regular Barrels, Food Crates, Large Wooden Crates and Military Crates.


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