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Blood Draw Kit

The Blood Draw Kit is a common item that can be found in Rad-Towns and inside red Loot Crates. Using it will add one Blood to your inventory which can be used to create Medkits. This can be done an unlimited number of times with one kit, however, it will cost 25 health every time it is used and will not work if the player has less than that.

Often after many raids you will find this object to be piling up in your chests, it is recommended to only have one of this item.

Crafting Recipe

Handmade Lockpick

This is used to unlock another player's backpack. The backpack that is dropped whenever someone dies is locked automatically, for a set amount of time that varies from server to server.

Recycle Kit

Recycle Kits are very similar to Research Kits in the rarity of Recycle Kits and they share the same use as of now.


Recycle Kits as of now share the same use with Research Kits, they allow you to research and recreate objects found in the world. Recycle Boxes can only research certain objects. Recycle Boxes can research the same items that a Research Kit can research.

Steps for using the Recycle Kit.

  1. Have a Recycle Kit in your inventory.
  2. Drag the Recycle Kit onto an item that you wish to research.
  3. You have now researched that item, and it is now available in your crafting menu.

Non-Researchable Items

Here is a list of items that you can not research with the Recycle Kit.

Research Kit

Research Kits are used to research various items found in the world. You must have the item in order to learn how to research it. After researching you will able to craft the researched item as it now appears in the crafting menu. Research Kits can be used as an alternative to Blueprints. They are now consumed upon use as of the latest update.

Important: You can only research an item near a Workbench!

These are dropped By: Mutated Bears and Mutated Wolves

They are also rarely found in Loot Crates.

A research kit can also be found in airdrops

The Non-Researchable Items

Here is a list of items that you can not research with the Research Kit


To craft a Research Kit they must first be researched, This requires two kits and can be done by using one kit on another while holding shift.

They require 20 Low Quality Metal and 20 Leather to craft.

While the kits found as loot only have one use, crafted kits can have up to three (represented by the yellow number in the lower right hand corner of the item).


The Recycle Box currently has the same use as the Research Kit, and it is expected that the Recycle Box will have a different use in the future.


Supply Signal

File:Rust Testing the New Smoke Signal

The Supply Signal will summon a cargo plane to deliver an airdrop at the signal's location. The plane will drop 1-3 packages in any direction, so be careful when throwing them, especially when close to mountains.


As of yet, it is not possible to research or craft a Supply Signal.


Smoke signals can be found in airdrops. If you're lucky, you can recieve smoke signals from the airdrop and call multiple airdrops in a row for a sizable period of time - this will attract almost the full server to your location.


This item can be both a blessing and a curse. If you drop it and nobody is around, It's a great item to have. But if there's players on, especially on PvP servers who'll actively seek out airdrops for their chances to spawn good weapons and explosives, you could get hunted down and killed. Your smoke signal will have been worthless.

It is NOT advisable to use this item anywhere near your house. Rust has a 'clan' population, meaning that large groups of people may approach your base wearing suits of full Kevlar and may possibly raid it as well as stealing your air-dropped crates. Sometimes this isn't a bad thing, as air dropped crates will contain things of value, but killing a brave player will result in probably more valuable items than the airdrop itself.

Deploying this in the wastelands is a good idea. Very few players live there, and other players will have to do a lot of running to reach the airdrop, leaving you time to disappear.

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