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The Tech Tree was used in the XP System, which was later replaced by Components.

Level 1

Wooden Door icon Wooden Door: 0 XP Rock icon Rock: 0 XP Paper icon Paper: 0 XP
Note icon Note: 0 XP Bone Club icon Bone Club: 0 XP Paper Map icon Paper Map: 0 XP
Lock icon Lock: 0 XP Building Plan icon Building Plan: 0 XP Leather Gloves icon Leather Gloves: 0 XP
Burlap Shoes icon Burlap Shoes: 0 XP Camp Fire icon Camp Fire: 0 XP Hammer icon Hammer: 0 XP
Tool Cupboard icon Tool Cupboard: 0 XP Low Grade Fuel icon Low Grade Fuel: 0 XP Wooden Window Bars icon Wooden Window Bars: 0 XP
Torch icon Torch: 0 XP Sleeping Bag icon Sleeping Bag: 0 XP Smoke Rocket icon Smoke Rocket: 0 XP
Wood Double Door icon Wood Double Door: 0 XP Bandage icon Bandage: 0 XP

Level 2

Hide Skirt icon Hide Skirt: 1 XP Wooden Spear icon Wooden Spear: 1 XP Burlap Trousers icon Burlap Trousers: 1 XP
Survival Fish Trap icon Survival Fish Trap: 1 XP

Level 3

Small Stash icon Small Stash: 2 XP Bota Bag icon Bota Bag: 2 XP Stone Pick Axe icon Stone Pick Axe: 2 XP
Stone Hatchet icon Stone Hatchet: 2 XP

Level 4

Small Wooden Sign icon Small Wooden Sign: 3 XP Wood Chestplate icon Wood Chestplate: 3 XP Wood Storage Box icon Wood Storage Box: 3 XP
Stone Spear icon Stone Spear: 5 XP Bone Knife icon Bone Knife: 5 XP

Level 5

Wooden Floor Spikes icon Wooden Floor Spikes: 3 XP Salvaged Shelves icon Salvaged Shelves: 3 XP Furnace icon Furnace: 3 XP
Burlap Shirt icon Burlap Shirt: 3 XP Hide Halterneck icon Hide Halterneck: 5 XP Machete icon Machete: 5 XP

Level 6

Wood Armor Pants icon Wood Armor Pants: 3 XP Burlap Headwrap icon Burlap Headwrap: 3 XP Sandbag Barricade icon Sandbag Barricade: 3 XP
Wooden Sign icon Wooden Sign: 5 XP Code Lock icon Code Lock: 5 XP Water Purifier icon Water Purifier: 5 XP

Level 7

Wooden Arrow icon Wooden Arrow: 5 XP Wood Shutters icon Wood Shutters: 5 XP Repair Bench icon Repair Bench: 5 XP
Door Key icon Door Key: 5 XP Hide Vest icon Hide Vest: 7 XP Hide Pants icon Hide Pants: 7 XP
Hunting Bow icon Hunting Bow: 8 XP

Level 8

Water Bucket icon Water Bucket: 5 XP Wooden Barricade icon Wooden Barricade: 5 XP Metal Window Bars icon Metal Window Bars: 5 XP
Sheet Metal Door icon Sheet Metal Door: 7 XP Hide Poncho icon Hide Poncho: 7 XP Hide Boots icon Hide Boots: 7 XP
Huge Wooden Sign icon Huge Wooden Sign: 9 XP

Level 9

Large Wood Box icon Large Wood Box: 5 XP Candle Hat icon Candle Hat: 5 XP Bone Armor icon Bone Armor: 5 XP
Shop Front icon Shop Front: 5 XP Bucket Helmet icon Bucket Helmet: 7 XP Water Barrel icon Water Barrel: 7 XP
Salvaged Sword icon Salvaged Sword: 8 XP

Level 10

Wooden Ladder icon Wooden Ladder: 5 XP Floor Grill icon Floor Grill: 5 XP Small Water Catcher icon Small Water Catcher: 7 XP
Improvised Balaclava icon Improvised Balaclava: 7 XP Large Wooden Sign icon Large Wooden Sign: 7 XP Acoustic Guitar icon Acoustic Guitar: 7 XP
Crossbow icon Crossbow: 8 XP Research Table icon Research Table: 9 XP

Level 11

Stone Barricade icon Stone Barricade: 5 XP Chainlink Fence icon Chainlink Fence: 5 XP Chainlink Fence Gate icon Chainlink Fence Gate: 5 XP
Ladder Hatch icon Ladder Hatch: 5 XP Hatchet icon Hatchet: 7 XP Wolf Headdress icon Wolf Headdress: 7 XP
Salvaged Cleaver icon Salvaged Cleaver: 8 XP Pick Axe icon Pick Axe: 9 XP

Level 12

Metal Vertical embrasure icon Metal Vertical embrasure: 5 XP Metal horizontal embrasure icon Metal horizontal embrasure: 5 XP T-Shirt icon T-Shirt: 5 XP
Bone Helmet icon Bone Helmet: 5 XP Handmade Shell icon Handmade Shell: 5 XP Sheet Metal Double Door icon Sheet Metal Double Door: 7 XP
Barbed Wooden Barricade icon Barbed Wooden Barricade: 7 XP Gun Powder icon Gun Powder: 7 XP Eoka Pistol icon Eoka Pistol: 8 XP

Level 13

Pants icon Pants: 6 XP Concrete Barricade icon Concrete Barricade: 6 XP Medical Syringe icon Medical Syringe: 6 XP
Reinforced Window Bars icon Reinforced Window Bars: 8 XP High Velocity Arrow icon High Velocity Arrow: 8 XP Waterpipe Shotgun icon Waterpipe Shotgun: 9 XP
Beancan Grenade icon Beancan Grenade: 9 XP

Level 14

Prison Cell Wall icon Prison Cell Wall: 6 XP Prison Cell Gate icon Prison Cell Gate: 6 XP Salvaged Axe icon Salvaged Axe: 8 XP
Mace icon Mace: 9 XP Metal Barricade icon Metal Barricade: 10 XP Salvaged Icepick icon Salvaged Icepick: 10 XP
Road Sign Kilt icon Road Sign Kilt: 10 XP

Level 15

Large Furnace icon Large Furnace: 8 XP Ceiling Light icon Ceiling Light: 10 XP Large Water Catcher icon Large Water Catcher: 10 XP
Snap Trap icon Snap Trap: 10 XP Bed icon Bed: 10 XP Satchel Charge icon Satchel Charge: 12 XP
Double Barrel Shotgun icon Double Barrel Shotgun: 12 XP

Level 16

Longsleeve T-Shirt icon Longsleeve T-Shirt: 8 XP Hoodie icon Hoodie: 8 XP Pistol Bullet icon Pistol Bullet: 8 XP
Lantern icon Lantern: 10 XP Salvaged Hammer icon Salvaged Hammer: 10 XP Miners Hat icon Miners Hat: 10 XP
Revolver icon Revolver: 12 XP

Level 17

Large Medkit icon Large Medkit: 11 XP Reactive Target icon Reactive Target: 11 XP Boots icon Boots: 11 XP
Land Mine icon Land Mine: 13 XP Riot Helmet icon Riot Helmet: 13 XP Armored Door icon Armored Door: 13 XP

Level 18

5.56 Rifle Ammo icon 5.56 Rifle Ammo: 11 XP Jacket icon Jacket: 11 XP Beenie Hat icon Beenie Hat: 11 XP
Snow Jacket - Red icon Snow Jacket - Red: 13 XP Semi-Automatic Rifle icon Semi-Automatic Rifle: 14 XP Auto Turret icon Auto Turret: 17 XP

Level 19

Small Oil Refinery icon Small Oil Refinery: 14 XP Coffee Can Helmet icon Coffee Can Helmet: 16 XP HV Pistol Ammo icon HV Pistol Ammo: 16 XP
Road Sign Jacket icon Road Sign Jacket: 16 XP Longsword icon Longsword: 18 XP

Level 20

Hazmat Gloves icon Hazmat Gloves: 14 XP Hazmat Boots icon Hazmat Boots: 14 XP Armored Double Door icon Armored Double Door: 16 XP
F1 Grenade icon F1 Grenade: 18 XP Flame Thrower icon Flame Thrower: 18 XP

Level 21

12 Gauge Buckshot icon 12 Gauge Buckshot: 11 XP High External Wooden Gate icon High External Wooden Gate: 11 XP Hazmat Jacket icon Hazmat Jacket: 11 XP
High External Wooden Wall icon High External Wooden Wall: 11 XP Survey Charge icon Survey Charge: 11 XP Hazmat Pants icon Hazmat Pants: 11 XP
Semi-Automatic Pistol icon Semi-Automatic Pistol: 14 XP

Level 22

Explosives icon Explosives: 14 XP HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo icon HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo: 16 XP Incendiary Pistol Bullet icon Incendiary Pistol Bullet: 16 XP
Hazmat Helmet icon Hazmat Helmet: 16 XP Muzzle Brake icon Muzzle Brake: 18 XP Silencer icon Silencer: 18 XP

Level 23

12 Gauge Slug icon 12 Gauge Slug: 27 XP Pump Shotgun icon Pump Shotgun: 35 XP Weapon Flashlight icon Weapon Flashlight: 35 XP

Level 24

Thompson icon Thompson: 54 XP Weapon Lasersight icon Weapon Lasersight: 54 XP

Level 25

Mining Quarry icon Mining Quarry: 28 XP Timed Explosive Charge icon Timed Explosive Charge: 34 XP MP5A4 icon MP5A4: 39 XP

Level 26

Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo icon Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo: 43 XP Holosight icon Holosight: 59 XP

Level 27

Muzzle Boost icon Muzzle Boost: 41 XP Rocket Launcher icon Rocket Launcher: 41 XP Custom SMG icon Custom SMG: 41 XP

Level 28

High External Stone Wall icon High External Stone Wall: 50 XP High External Stone Gate icon High External Stone Gate: 50 XP

Level 29

Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo icon Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo: 48 XP Bolt Action Rifle icon Bolt Action Rifle: 66 XP

Level 30

Rocket icon Rocket: 49 XP 4x Zoom Scope icon 4x Zoom Scope: 68 XP

Level 31

High Velocity Rocket icon High Velocity Rocket: 51 XP LR-300 Assault Rifle icon LR-300 Assault Rifle: 48 XP Assault Rifle icon Assault Rifle: 71 XP

Level 32

Metal Chest Plate icon Metal Chest Plate: 103 XP

Level 34

Metal Facemask icon Metal Facemask: 109 XP

Level 36

Incendiary Rocket icon Incendiary Rocket: 111 XP

Level 75

Wind Turbine icon Wind Turbine: 224 XP
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