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Information accurate as of: build 904.83

The Shotgun Trap is a type of defensive trap that can be placed on building pieces, such as walls, ceilings, and floors. If within the range of a Tool Cupboard, the Shotgun Trap will fire at anyone who passes in front of it who is not authorized to that tool cupboard. This makes it ideal for defending individual Tool Cupboards. If not within range of a Tool Cupboard, it will fire upon anyone who passes in front of it. It fires two shots (Handmade Shells) a second and can hold up to 384 shots, meaning it can fire for 192 seconds non-stop, or 3 minutes and 12 seconds non-stop. Generally, it will instantly kill anyone, even with armor, unless they run past the trap in a specific way. It is very rare that someone goes into a Wounded state upon being shot by a shotgun trap. The Shotgun Trap has 300 health, and is relatively easy to destroy with explosives or via firing around a corner.


Crafting a Shotgun trap takes 30 seconds to craft (unless using a workbench) and requires:


  • The Shotgun trap will shoot everyone unless the trap is in range of a Tool Cupboard and a player is authorized on that tool cupboard. Before loading a shotgun trap, players should make sure they are in range of an authorized Tool Cupboard, otherwise the newly placed trap will fire upon them.
  • The Shotgun Trap only takes Handmade Shells as ammunition.
  • Shotgun traps do not lose durability when firing.
  • Fire rockets are not effective against Shotgun Traps.
  • Picking up Shotgun Traps once placed will take 150 health from it.
  • Shotgun Traps can and will shoot players through Twig Wood, breaking the Twig Wood in the process.