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Scientists are NPCs that walk around irradiated Monuments, increasing both the risk and reward from doing a scrap run.

The scientists use a Navmesh to walk around the Military Tunnels and other areas with variation. Scientists will sometimes spawn around junkpiles and appear to study them with a Geiger Counter.

Currently, they can use cover to slight effect and will properly follow handmade Navmeshes or procedural Navmeshes, the problem is the transition from handmade to procedural and vice versa. (?)

There is also another type of Scientist, which are wearing green hazmat suits instead of blue, found in the Scientist Compound (Outpost).


The scientists in the Military Tunnels are typically moderately to heavily armed, and utilize the MP5, LR-300, M92, and, rarely, the Spas-12. Starting or mid-game players should therefore avoid them.

The scientists planned to appear at junk piles are more lightly armed, with an M92 the only weapon they spawn with. With preparation, a starting-game player should be able to fight one, especially since they will appear alone or in groups of 2, rather than with the large groups (4-5, occasionally more) of scientists as in the Military Tunnels.


Scientists appear to utilize a radio. This can be heard as a brief burst of beeps and static when near them; this can be used to judge one's proximity to another scientist.

Scientists can open unlocked doors and destroy barricades as of Devblog 196.

Scientists are moderately skilled in a tactical sense. They will retreat when damaged, attempt to flank players, reload at appropriate times (i.e., not being shot at the time), and appear to call for backup when attacked. Scientists are attracted to light and sound (especially gunfire); it is advised to keep both to a minimum when scientists are nearby.

Unconfirmed information states that Scientists, when operating in groups of more than one, will attempt to suppress the target player or players with sustained automatic weapons fire while other scientists will attempt to use this opportunity to flank them.

As of the new Rust update on 7/5/18, Scientists have been fixed. Scientists occupying the above ground land piles will now shoot if you get too close to them. Scientists in the Military Tunnels will now kill on sight, and have extremely good vision.


Scientists wear a version of Rust's old Hazmat suit, with blue as the primary color and black as the secondary. Not much is known about the Hazmat Suit, as at this time Scientists have just been introduced, but the suits should have the same values as that of a regular Hazmat Suit. The Blue Hazmat Suit is not obtainable without server admin permissions, and can not be crafted or researched. They are also equipped with Flashlight, which they use at night, making it better to spot them in the dark. They turn off their Flashlight when shooting at players.


It is extremely effective to either overwhelm the Scientist by coming up behind them, and using any type of long-range weapon to unload into the back of their head. Another strategy is to attack a Scientist with a friend.


  • Scientists will scream upon death.
  • Every scientist has a randomly generated username made up of a series of numbers. These can be seen while looting their corpse.
  • Scientists will attempt to run away if they are heavily damaged.
  • Scientist corpses can be harvested just like player corpses.
  • If a scientist kills a player and later encounters that same player again they will not recognize them.
  • It is theoretically possible for a player to impersonate a scientist if they have access to admin commands.
  • Sometimes upon death the scientist will emit a strange beeping noise.