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Information accurate as of: build devblog 184

The Research Table is used to create Blueprints by using Scrap and the item to make the blueprint of, which means one has to find the desired item first.

Research tables can be found in Monuments as well as crafted for your base.



List may be incomplete

  • Airfield: In the tower building, in a separate room on the main floor.
  • Industrial Train Yard: There is not one in trainyard.
  • Power Plant: On the second floor of a big central building next to the inner water reservoir, right next to a Recycler.
  • Satellite Dish Array: Inside the socket of the more intact of the two standing dishes, soft wall needs to be broken.
  • Abandoned Supermarket
  • Outpost inside the metal fence adjacent to the recycler
  • Military Tunnel near the cave entry.
  • Launch Site inside the Cobalt Offices


A Research Table can be crafted in 60 seconds, requiring a Work Bench Level 1 and:


To create a Blueprint, put one of the desired item in the upper slot - more than one item doesn't work. The required amount of scrap will display after, and is put in the lower slot - using less scrap will not work. If those criteria are met, the "Research" button will turn clickable. After clicking it, both slots will be blocked during the process. Once it's completed, the blueprint will appear in the upper slot.

Researching takes 10 seconds and uses only the required amount of scrap, leaving the rest in the lower slot. The durability of the item does not play a role, as long as it is not broken, in which case the researching won't work.

After researching an item, it will be replaced with the blueprint and is destroyed.

A list of researchable items is shown below. (Needs completion!)


Item Required Scrap
Stone Barricade icon.png Stone Barricade 20
Sandbag Barricade icon.png Sandbag Barricade 20
Concrete Barricade icon.png Concrete Barricade 20
Wooden Barricade icon.png Wooden Barricade 20
Wood Shutters icon.png Wood Shutters 20
Metal horizontal embrasure icon.png Metal horizontal embrasure 20
Metal Vertical embrasure icon.png Metal Vertical embrasure 20
Small Water Catcher icon.png Small Water Catcher 20
Garage Door icon.png Garage Door 75
Barbed Wooden Barricade icon.png Barbed Wooden Barricade 75
Large Water Catcher icon.png Large Water Catcher 75
Floor Grill icon.png Floor Grill 75
Chainlink Fence Gate icon.png Chainlink Fence Gate 125
Chainlink Fence icon.png Chainlink Fence 125
Netting icon.png Netting 125
Prison Cell Gate icon.png Prison Cell Gate 125
Prison Cell Wall icon.png Prison Cell Wall 125
Metal Window Bars icon.png Metal Window Bars 125
Reinforced Glass Window icon.png Reinforced Glass Window 50
Reinforced Window Bars icon.png Reinforced Window Bars 125
High External Wooden Gate icon.png High External Wooden Gate 125
High External Wooden Wall icon.png High External Wooden Wall 125
Metal Barricade icon.png Metal Barricade 125
Wooden Ladder icon.png Wooden Ladder 125
Ladder Hatch icon.png Ladder Hatch 125
Sheet Metal Double Door icon.png Sheet Metal Double Door 125
Armored Door icon.png Armored Door 500
Armored Double Door icon.png Armored Double Door 500
High External Stone Gate icon.png High External Stone Gate 500
High External Stone Wall icon.png High External Stone Wall 500
Mining Quarry icon.png Mining Quarry 500


Item Required Scrap
Water Barrel icon.png Water Barrel 20
Mail Box icon.png Mail Box 20
Spinning wheel icon.png Spinning wheel 20
Small Planter Box icon.png Small Planter Box 20
Large Planter Box icon.png Large Planter Box 20
Rug icon.png Rug 20
Rug Bear Skin icon.png Rug Bear Skin 20
Table icon.png Table 20
Chair icon.png Chair 20
Tuna Can Lamp icon.png Tuna Can Lamp 20
Ceiling Light icon.png Ceiling Light 20
Fridge icon.png Fridge 20
Reactive Target icon.png Reactive Target 20
Large Wooden Sign icon.png Large Wooden Sign 75
Huge Wooden Sign icon.png Huge Wooden Sign 75
Salvaged Shelves icon.png Salvaged Shelves 75
Bed icon.png Bed 75
Drop Box icon.png Drop Box 75
Locker icon.png Locker 75
Search Light icon.png Search Light 125
Small Oil Refinery icon.png Small Oil Refinery 125
Large Furnace icon.png Large Furnace 125


Item Required Scrap
Explosives icon.png Explosives 500


Item Required Scrap
Beenie Hat icon.png Beenie Hat 20
Improvised Balaclava icon.png Improvised Balaclava 20
Leather Gloves icon.png Leather Gloves 20
Shorts icon.png Shorts 20
T-Shirt icon.png T-Shirt 20
Jacket icon.png Jacket 20
Miners Hat icon.png Miners Hat 20
Bucket Helmet icon.png Bucket Helmet 75
Riot Helmet icon.png Riot Helmet 75
Coffee Can Helmet icon.png Coffee Can Helmet 75
Tank Top icon.png Tank Top 75
Longsleeve T-Shirt icon.png Longsleeve T-Shirt 20
Shirt icon.png Shirt 75
Hoodie icon.png Hoodie 75
Snow Jacket - Red icon.png Snow Jacket - Red 20
Pants icon.png Pants 75
Boots icon.png Boots 75
Road Sign Jacket icon.png Road Sign Jacket 75
Road Sign Kilt icon.png Road Sign Kilt 75
Hazmat Suit icon-0.png
Hazmat Suit
Heavy Plate Helmet icon.png Heavy Plate Helmet 125
Heavy Plate Jacket icon.png Heavy Plate Jacket 125
Heavy Plate Pants icon.png Heavy Plate Pants 125
Metal Facemask icon.png Metal Facemask 500
Metal Chest Plate icon.png Metal Chest Plate 500


Item Required Scrap
Water Bucket icon.png Water Bucket 20
Chainsaw icon.png Chainsaw 125
Hatchet icon.png Hatchet 75
Salvaged Hammer icon.png Salvaged Hammer 75
Survey Charge icon.png Survey Charge 75
Salvaged Icepick icon.png Salvaged Icepick 125
Salvaged Axe icon.png Salvaged Axe 125
Satchel Charge icon.png Satchel Charge 125
Timed Explosive Charge icon.png Timed Explosive Charge 500
Flare icon.png Flare 20


Item Required Scrap
Medical Syringe icon.png Medical Syringe 75
Large Medkit icon.png Large Medkit



Item Required Scrap
Salvaged Sword icon.png Salvaged Sword 20
Mace icon.png Mace 75
Salvaged Cleaver icon.png Salvaged Cleaver 75
Longsword icon.png Longsword 75
Beancan Grenade icon.png Beancan Grenade 75
F1 Grenade icon.png F1 Grenade 75
Revolver icon.png Revolver 75
Waterpipe Shotgun icon.png Waterpipe Shotgun 75
Python Revolver icon.png Python Revolver 125
Double Barrel Shotgun icon.png Double Barrel Shotgun 125
Pump Shotgun icon.png Pump Shotgun 125
Semi-Automatic Pistol icon.png
Semi-Automatic Pistol
Semi-Automatic Rifle icon.png Semi-Automatic Rifle 125
Custom SMG icon.png Custom SMG 125
Thompson icon.png Thompson 125
MP5A4 icon.png MP5A4 125
Flame Thrower icon.png Flame Thrower 125
Assault Rifle icon.png Assault Rifle 500
Bolt Action Rifle icon.png Bolt Action Rifle 500
Rocket Launcher icon.png Rocket Launcher 500
Silencer icon.png Silencer 75
Weapon Flashlight icon.png Weapon Flashlight 75
Simple Handmade Sight icon.png Simple Handmade Sight 75
Weapon Lasersight icon.png Weapon Lasersight 125
Muzzle Brake icon.png Muzzle Brake 125
Muzzle Boost icon.png Muzzle Boost 125
Holosight icon.png Holosight 125
4x Zoom Scope icon.png 4x Zoom Scope 125


Item Required Scrap
High Velocity Arrow icon.png High Velocity Arrow 0
12 Gauge Buckshot icon.png 12 Gauge Buckshot 75
12 Gauge Slug icon.png 12 Gauge Slug 75
Pistol Bullet icon.png Pistol Bullet 75
HV Pistol Ammo icon.png HV Pistol Ammo 125
Incendiary Pistol Bullet icon.png Incendiary Pistol Bullet 125
5.56 Rifle Ammo icon.png 5.56 Rifle Ammo 125
HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo icon.png HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo 125
Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo icon.png Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo 125
Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo icon.png Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo 125
Rocket icon.png Rocket 125
High Velocity Rocket icon.png High Velocity Rocket 125
Incendiary Rocket icon.png Incendiary Rocket 125


Item Required Scrap
Wooden Floor Spikes icon.png Wooden Floor Spikes 20
Snap Trap icon.png Snap Trap 75
Flame Turret icon.png Flame Turret 75
Land Mine icon.png Land Mine 125
Shotgun Trap icon.png Shotgun Trap 125
Auto Turret icon.png Auto Turret 125


Item Required Scrap
Empty Propane Tank icon.png Empty Propane Tank 75
Metal Blade icon.png Metal Blade 75
Road Signs icon.png Road Signs 75
Sewing Kit icon.png Sewing Kit 125
Metal Spring icon.png Metal Spring 125
Gears icon.png Gears 75
Metal Pipe icon.png Metal Pipe 125


  • Researching will continue if you close the table's interface during the process. Items can be stored in the slots of the research table.
  • The sound that plays when researching an item can be heard by anyone nearby.
  • Research tables were originally implemented for Blueprint System. The table was then removed from crafting and re-introduced in devblog 158 with the introduction of Scrap with a different purpose. However, as of devblog 180, the Research Table is once again used for blueprints.

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