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Projectiles are items which are either thrown or fired. They travel in a parabolic arc and are subject to gravity and air resistance. Some projectiles have a chance to ricochet off of the environment. There are two main types of projectiles: throwable melee weapons and fired ammunition from ranged weapons. Projectiles are subject to bullet damage protection values from attire items (armour and clothing).

You can throw melee weapons by equipping them and holding the right mouse button (aka RMB). Then, press the left mouse button to throw the weapon a short distance in front of you. Some examples of throwable melee weapons are the Stone Hatchet, the Hatchet, Stone Pick Axe, Pick Axe, Mace, Wooden Spear, Stone Spear, Longsword, and other weapons. Typically, a thrown attack will land a higher damage hit as opposed to a regular melee attack.

The other main category of projectiles are ammunition, which are used by ranged weapons to inflict a ranged attack. For example, the Crossbow uses Wooden Arrows and High Velocity Arrows. There are many variants of ammunition. They have many different traits, advantages and disadvantages.

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