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As it is in Alpha, Rust has many bugs. This page is a list of current bugs added by the community.

The bugs are currently sorted into the Legacy Rust (the old version) and the Experimental Rust (the new, updated remake of Rust).

Major Bug: Close-Up FOV

This can occur when you use a weapon (i.e.; axe) the arm goes through the camera (POV).

Legacy Bugs

  • When you Alt+F4 in a gunfight, and then reconnect, you get your health re-filled
  • There is a small chance to spawn inside a tree
  • There is a chance that you will be flung into the air if you close a wooden gate on yourself
  • All melee Weapons/hand Held tools just look like Hatchets to other players
  • Item not shown in hand when equipped 
  • Some generated buildings spawn in mountains or rocks. 
  • Constantly hearing the sound of a distant plane (Supply drop)
  • Menu items floating off the screen on 640x480 (Both Windows & Linux)
  • Mouse is not captured well on Linux. (Visible cursor, unable to rotate 360, etc.)
  • Spawning like fresh spawn but your body is alive and sleeping. (Not for all) 
  • Crafting an item with full inventory results in loss of resources. (It will consume the necessary resources but not give the produced item.)
  • When you bump elbows with another player, there is a small chance that you both will be sent spinning away from each other.
  • Occasionally "Workbench" and "Comfort" modifiers will not apply when near a workbench or fire pit.
  • The bolt action rifle and MP5A4 both just look like the M4 when equipped for other players.
  • There is a small possibility of being thrown into the air when the player runs into a chest. 
  • Glitches in some servers as items like houses, inventory items, and etc. disappear when you leave the server and join back.
  • Blueprint chests (the big ones) are sometimes empty and then after opening they will disappear.
  • Changes to controls don't save when you close the game.  (fixed by creating /cfg folder in game's directory)
  • Apply changes button doesn't save 
  • Weapons have a chance to despawn when put in a chest
  • When reloading one shell with the shotgun, the player loads three instead
  • Jumping over a rock can launch the player into the sky.
  • Wooden shelters have a chance to disappear when placed
  • Walking into a wooden barricade can launch a player into the air to such an altitude survival is impossible upon landing.
  • Starting the reload animation for the shotgun and then running will cause the animation to clip through the player towards the end of the animation
  • Some users unable to bind Left or Right Shift (engine doesn't capture either shift).
  • Hot keys will often not switch to the selected item/weapon, or put away currently held item/weapon, requiring anywhere from two to a dozen button presses to actually switch held item, or put the currently held item away.
  • There is small chance for user to get glitched by placing him in one place for other players, but letting the player itself running freely. He cannot in this state attack anything by using hatchet or pick-axe but can damage with ranged weapon. It fixes after re log by putting him in place where he froze for other players.
  • Red/Mutated wolves and bears float in mid-air and will switch between mid-air and land when chasing you.
  • Animals glitch in the floor so you can't see or shoot them
  • Wooden foundations have a chance of disappearing when placed (haven't confirmed if metal foundations disappear and if it does every time)
  • Running at a door and closing it before you have passed through the doorway causes the character to glitch back and forwards, and if you do not stop running you will be disconnected (will disconnect if you keep running forward or keep glitching back and forth)
  • People walking through doors with ALT-TAB
  • White patch left in inventory When moving items around allot
  • Crates disappear if you place a wood foundation near them
  • Fireplaces and workbenches randomly disappear
  • One Hit on you and your Clothes get damaged to 0/100
  • It is possible to glitch-duplicate items by rapidly transferring them between inventory slots

Experimental Bugs

  • Deployable items, such as Furnaces refuse to be placed, even if the ghost image appears
  • Sometimes "Building Blocked" constantly appears, even if the player is in a cupboard-free area
  • Pressing certain buttons in the F2 settings overlay, such as the Tab button may cause the mouse cursor to remain even after the F2 overlay is closed, interrupting the player's ability to look around (Fix: Press Tab, select an inventory item and exit inventory.)
  • The Pump Jack may sometimes provide ores and stones instead of Crude Oil
  • Sleepers on higher floors of buildings may still float in the same spot, even if the floor beneath them is destroyed
  • Radtowns may not spawn loot as much as they should
  • It is possible to rapid-fire multiple shots from a Rocket Launcher
  • Many animals provide Raw Wolf Meat instead of their corresponding counterparts (this is placeholder, will be fixed in the future)
  • It is possible to build structures halfway into caves, making them indestructible
  • Walls built along stairwells may take more hits than normal to destroy
  • Signs may not show properly, even on the highest graphics
  • Animals can glitch through buildings and over mountains/cliffs
  • It is possible to place a Mining Quarry and then build around it, defeating the purpose of its special placement system
  • Hunting Bows can instantly one-hit KO players in the head
  • Sometimes trees not shown when logged into the game. Shutting down the game and launching again fixes the problem. (sometimes 2-3 restarting needed)
  • It is sometimes possible to loot crates multiple times
  • Sometimes when crafting and then opening the inventory of a furnace, the crafting menu remains visible and the furnace inventory does not pop up
  • Very rarely, placing a foundation on another player while the player is jumping may launch the player in the air
  • When crafting while the server restarts, anything that's queued to craft is gone, and stays at zero seconds. Crafting other items is possible, but the original item you crafted will continue to show up, and no way to get your materials back. Other items queued up will start the crafting countdown behind the glitched part.

// Add more as found

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