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A Metal Window was a craftable, placeable item made out of Low Quality Metal.  They could they may only be placed on a Metal Foundation or a Metal Ceiling, between two Metal Pillars. They appeared as a standard wall made out of rusty sheet Metal with a square hole for a window in the center.

Metal Windows were only destructible using Explosive Charges. They could not be destroyed by hitting them with a Pick AxeHatchet, etc.

They could only be rotated by scrolling your mouse wheel before being placed. It was impossible to rotate a wall after it had been placed.

Windows were the leading cause of house raids. It was suggested that players only use windows if they were building a structure at least three levels high, and were unable to place a foundation on the ground below it. You can also use Metal Window Bars to stop people getting in.


Metal Windows could be crafted with 4 Low Quality Metal. It is unknown if a Workbench was required to craft them.

It took 20 seconds to craft a Metal Window.

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