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Information accurate as of: build 904.83

Low Grade Fuel is a type of refined resource made from Animal Fat and Cloth. Low Grade Fuel is required to craft the Furnace, Lantern, and Explosives, as well as Medical Syringes, Torches and other objects. It is also, as the name suggests, a fuel source and is usable in Mining Quarries, Lanterns and Pump Jacks (formerly also Camp fires, Small Oil Refineries and Furnaces). There are three ways to obtain Low Grade Fuel: crafting it, refining Crude Oil via the Small Oil Refinery, or finding it in artificial loot drops like barrels.


See also: Crude Oil, Small Oil Refinery

Low Grade Fuel can be refined from Crude Oil by using a Small Oil Refinery. One Crude Oil converts to 3 Low Grade Fuel.


  • Each time you craft it, three Animal Fat and one Cloth is consumed, and four Low Grade Fuel is created.
  • Low Grade Fuel is also used to power Boats.
  • Now only takes 3 seconds to craft since 25/05/2017
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