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Information accurate as of: build 904.83


Low-grade fuel is a type of resource used to power vehicles or to create electricity.


It can be found in Barrels found next to roads in Junk Piles or out in the ocean on Floating Junk Piles.

It can be crafted using Animal Fat and Cloth.

It can also be obtained by refining Crude Oil in a Small Oil Refinery.


Low-Grade Fuel can be refined from Crude Oil by using a Small Oil Refinery. One Crude Oil converts to 3 Low-Grade Fuel.


Low-Grade fuel is most commonly used in vehicles.

It can also be put used inside a Generator to create electricity (see more: Generator).

It is also a crafting ingredient for healing items, such as the Medical Syringe, ammunition, light sources and furnaces.

Low-Grade fuel is also used as ammunition for the Flame Thrower and the Flame Turret.