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Two kinds of loot crates in Rust. (There are others not pictured)

For the legacy content, see Loot Crates (Legacy).

Loot Crates are specific, accessible containers that supply a variety of different items. Crates are often the main source of rarer items and components. They are most likely to spawn in the vicinity of certain Monuments and alongside Roads.

Basic Crate

Basic Crate

The Basic Crate is the most common loot container aside from Barrels.

The Basic Crate can contain:

Tool Box

The Tool Box is a small, red box that can contain hatchets, pickaxes, starter weapons, and some basic armour. You're likely to find Tool Boxes in junk piles by roads and Transmission Towers, and on Floating Junk Piles in the ocean.

The Tool Box can contain:

Military Crate

Military Crate

The Military Crate (also known as the Gun Crate) contains higher quality items than Basic Crates or Tool Boxes. These crates are only found in Monuments.

The Military Crate can contain:

Food Crate

Old Food Crate model.

The Food Crate is most often found around the exterior of Monuments and alongside roads. Food Crates usually contain up to three items. The Supermarket has five Food Crates that regularly spawn inside.

The Food Crate can contain:

Elite Loot Crate

Elite Crate

As of Devblog 167 there is a new elite crate. It spawns in the Rocket Launch Site and inside the Military Tunnels. It contains the most valuable items out of all types of crate. It also spawns a large quantity of items compared to the Basic Crate.

The Elite Loot Crate can contain: