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A view of the lighthouse.

The Lighthouse is one of several Monuments that can be found on procedurally generated maps in Experimental Rust. It is also one of the three monuments (the others one being the Warehouse and the Harbor) which don't have any radiation.


The Lighthouse is a tower-like structure, usually located in coastal areas and along shorelines.

It has a single unlocked entrance at the bottom.

Leading all the way up to lantern room at the very top is a spiral staircase.


The Lighthouse provides access to a Recycler.


The Lighthouse is mainly populated with regular loot Barrels, although some Basic Crates can spawn inside.

At the very top of the lighthouse opposite the ladder is a Supply Crate that cannot be seen on the way up the ladder so look for that.

The Lighthouse provides no Military Crates so it's a less desirable Monument.


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  • It was possible for players to build their own structures on and around the Lighthouse some time ago, as the monument didn't use to incur a "Building Blocked" penalty. However, this has since been fixed.