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The Giant Excavator Pit.

The Giant Excavator Pit is one of several Monuments present in Rust. It has low levels of Radiation in throughout the entire Monument; burlap clothing will suffice in protection against radiation. However, it is advised to bring combat-ready armor in order to fight the Scientists.

The Giant Excavator is powered by Diesel Fuel, which can be found on the top of The Dome, as well as within Junkyard.


Excavator Pit is surrounded by a large mass of dirt and rock, with a crater in the center. Within that crater there is (as the name implies) a giant excavator.

The excavator can be climbed in order to access its fuel tank, as well as the controls.


The Giant Excavator Pit offers access to a Recycler under the engine startup console.


The Giant Excavator's yield per Diesel Fuel is listed below.

  • Stone - 5,000
  • Metal - 2,000
  • Sulfur - 750
  • HQM - 40

Few containers spawn at the Giant Excavator Pit. Food Crates are in abundance, but there is only one spawn for a Basic Crate and one spawn for a Military Crate.



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