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The Heavy Plate Helmet is a protective piece of headgear introduced in Rust. It has much higher protection than the metal facemask, but it reduces the player's overall speed by 40% when worn. It is also fairly cheap to craft. In addition, the Heavy Plate Helmet restricts the player's vision to a small rectangle in the center of the screen.

Assuming that the shot player utilizes medical supplies to negate bleeding in-between being shot, this helmet will allow the player to survive up to 6 headshots from a Bolt Action Rifle.


The Heavy Plate Helmet can be crafted with:


  • Reduces player vision.
  • It takes 60 seconds to craft one Helmet.
  • Reduces player movement speed by 40% when worn in conjunction with either one (or both) the Heavy Plate Jacket and Heavy Plate Pants.
  • The maximal player movement speed reduction is 40%.