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Health is found on the HUD of the game. A character starts off with a 60 health, and it can be restored through Food, water and med kits.

Health Restoring Items

These are the items that restore health, sorted from least healing to greatest.

Health Loss

You can lose health by the following things:

  • Eating Raw Chicken Breast -10 HP
  • Poisoned status effect -5 to -15 HP per hit
  • Bleeding status effect -5 to -10 HP per hit
  • Getting shot, bitten, hit, etc.


When your health meter drops to 0, you begin to bleed out (unless shot in the head, in which case you die). When bleeding out, you cannot take any action except using voice chat. Your character will reach his arm out periodically to visually signal for help. Anyone can revive or loot you while in this state by pressing their use key on your character. You have a small chance to revive yourself when you are bleeding out, but currently, the criteria for this to happen is vague; some players have reported having high water/calories will increase the chance. If you do not recover on your own, you must be revived by another player or you will die.

When you die, all your items are left on your body until it either despawns (despawn time?) or someone loots and/or destroys it. The item you were wielding is dropped onto the floor.

Upon death, you're given two choices: to respawn in a random area on the map, or to respawn at a camp (Sleeping Bag/Bed). If you go into the console commands (F1) and type "kill" into the console, you will instantly die.

Guns that one shot kill (deals 100+ damage to players, and if it can be done in full kevlar armour, it is specified.)

  • Pipe shotgun (full kev, w/ headshot)
  • HandCannon (same as pipe shotgun)
  • Bolt Action Rifle (same as pipe shotgun, and kills naked players with one hit ANYWHERE.)
  • Shotgun (same as previous 3, but does not need to be a headshot, just have all pellets from the shotgun spray hit the target)
  • M4 (kills naked players w/ headshot)
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