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Gathering is a key component to Rust, In order to do anything you need to "Farm" also known as, Gathering.

Raiding, Building, PvP and everything in between requires farming.

The 4 types of farming are as follows

  • Tree Farming
  • Rock Farming
  • Component Farming
  • Animal Farming

Tree farming

To be able to gather from trees you need either:

  • Rock
  • Stone Hatchet
  • Metal Hatchet
  • Salvaged Hatchet
Amount of Wood Per hit
Rock 10
Stone Hatchet 20
Metal Hatchet 30
Salvaged Hatchet 50

Wood Is a key to advancing in Rust, You need it for building bases, guns. You need to to power furnaces and much more.

Stone Farming

To be able to gather from nodes such as stone, metal, and/or sulfur you need either:

  • Rock
  • Stone Pick-axe
  • Metal Pick-axe
  • Salvaged Pick-axe
Stone Metal Sulfur HQM
Stone Pick-Axe
Metal Pick-Axe
Salvaged Pick-Axe