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Food & Hunger is a key part to Rust's survival aspects of the game. It works by having a bar displayed on the screen showing the amount of hunger you have, which maxes out at 500, and drops slowly. When the food bar hits 0, the player will start taking damage and eventually die unless fed before health hits zero. Players can continually eat food to keep the character at a safe level of hunger.


Eating increases food level of a player to prevent hunger. Eating has the added benefit of healing the player too.

Having over 100 food while having 50% comfort (standing next to a campfire or furnace) causes the player to heal to 81. 75% comfort will heal the player to 91 and 100% will heal the player to full health. Healing causes hunger to decrease much more rapidly.


The temperature of your character determines how fast they lose hunger. At night it is much colder than it is during the day, and the player will get the "Cold" effect if not wearing enough cold-protective Armor. This makes the player lose hunger three times quicker than normal. Players can wear armor, or stay near a lit Camp Fire to keep safe from the cold at night and keep their hunger at safer levels.

Food Amounts

Here is a chart which contains information on the types of foods that can be found within Rust and the status changes that will occur when they are eaten.

Food stats
Food Healing Calories Hydration Poison Other things to note
Apple 2 30 15
Raw Bear Meat 10 3 5
Cooked Bear Meat 5 100 1
Burnt Bear Meat
Black Raspberries 40
Blueberries 30
Can of Beans 100
Candy Cane 350
Chicken Breast 40
Chocolate Bar 100
Raw Deer Meat
Cooked Deer Meat 10 40 3
Burnt Deer Meet
Granola Bar 50
Raw Human Meat
Cooked Human Meat 2 30
Burnt Human Meat
Mushroom 3 15 5
Raw Pork
Cooked Pork 5 60 1
Burnt Pork
Tuna Can 50
Raw Wolf Meat
Cooked Wolf Meat 60
Burt Wolf Meat
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