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The environment in Rust is that of a post-apocalyptic world that has been abandoned for an untold amount of time. There are prebuilt structures sparsely located throughout the map that are implicated to be remnants of previous human civilization. Fauna and flora have reclaimed the land.

The map is procedurally generated from the seed in the server settings.


Example map

Example map

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There are currently three map options available:


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The default terrain of the procedural map is broken into three distinct biomes: Desert, Grass and Snow.


Snow biome

Arctic biome.

The snowy area seems to have more nodes and less trees. However, you may find some snowy forest areas which contain an abundance of trees. The cold will reach very low here and players require clothing to survive. The best starter item for players who are looking to beat the cold would be a full burlap set with an Improvised Balaclava. This will give decent cold protection and requires no Sewing Kits to make.


Desert Biome

Arid biome.

The desert is a hot southern region filled with mineral rocks, barrels, and palm trees. At night it can get cold, so desert survival requires suitable clothing or a Camp Fire to keep warm. It is the only biome in which cacti may be found, which yield cactus flesh and cloth.


Grassy biome

Grass biome near the sea.

The Grassy region is generally the most popular on a map due to the temperate climate and abundance of flora and fauna. Because of the popularity, mineral rocks and barrels are sometimes difficult to find at peak hours.


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  • Trees of different kinds
  • Bushes/Shrubs
  • Mushrooms, which can be picked and eaten
  • Small plants and flowers
  • Grass
  • Cacti (desert areas)
  • Hemp Fibres (can be harvest for cloth)
  • Pumpkins
  • Corn


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  • The arctic biome had been removed, and recently re-introduced again, the likely cause for the original removal was that it was fairly abundant with resources and there weren't many downsides, as a geared player's base would be protected from new spawns.
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