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  • Roborovski

    Hey, I have a netting in my base for climbing to next floor. I have placed some chests and a shotgun trap behind it so it could shoot people when climbing the netting (like a auto turret shooting from inside of chainling fences or prison walls). But unlike the auto turret-prison wall- chainlink fence tactic, my shotgun trap's bullets don't go through the netting. It is getting triggered but cant shoot people behind the netting and netting is getting damaged only. I request a fix for this. If chainlink fences and prison walls work this way, a netting made of ropes shouldn't be bulletproof too. Thanks.

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  • Speeder707

    It seems that this Wiki is very out of date and much of the data is incorrect and outdated. I feel as it is appropriate to rework and update much of the Wikia. I often come here for information for items but the wiki hasnt been updated in forever and being so I would like to devote my own time adding new features, pages, and information, since the recent updates and try to make the site more useful. In my vision here i think if we get this wiki cleaned up we could probably get more visits views and editors. I mean come on this isnt DayZ where it hasnt received an update in years its weekly. There is always something to work on always something to change or add. Hell, we can make a section talking about each update and every detail associat…

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  • Johnwhick123


    November 20, 2017 by Johnwhick123

    My name is JohnWhick123 and this is sorta a question that’s come across my mind more then once. Since you already have tanks and helicopters, why not add cars or mopads, or even dirt bikes

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  • PleaseHelpMEeeeee

    I have a pretty good rig. 1070 with an i7 6600k and 16 gigs of ram. Yet I only get 30 fps on low settings. I heard that virtual texturing is a way to boost fps greatly. Problem is I cant find it. Its not in the settings anymore so is it a console command? Please help.

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  • TheDanichGeek


    September 11, 2016 by TheDanichGeek

    does anybody know a way to keep plants like corn and pumkin alive in the dessert? are there a way to wather them?

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  • YosefDodge

    Pleas Help!!!!

    February 25, 2016 by YosefDodge

    When I try to connect to any srever appears this error in the photo :

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  • Woloszyn
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  • I can't help you if you don't let me

    I have an official blog where I write interesting stuff for Rust players.

    If you're interested in hearing well thought and properly argumented opinions, check it out:

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  • Ghostkillers2


    June 13, 2014 by Ghostkillers2

    Remember the alien-tree-monster concepts that the devs are thinking of putting into Rust? I have an idea for them! Meteors will crash into
    the rust map in forests and thats how the mutant tree things spawn! Then if you mine the meteor when all the mutant trees are dead or away,
    you get a bunch of iron ore and other ores, and if your lucky, a meteor chunk, which can be used to " upgrade " weapons using a workbench.
    Meteor acts like a normal rock, but makes a giant streak of light and a screech in the sky when coming, then a faint/distant boom when
    landing/the event "ending". The closer you are to the meteor crash, the louder the boom. If meteor falls on player or house, it is destroyed ( The house or the player that is ). When approaching the m…

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  • Juper0

    Breaking things list

    February 1, 2014 by Juper0

    This list is about breaking things in rust. i am taking it from this list on the forums. Enjoy.

    Listed below are items in the game that are considered destructible. There are always people asking the question, 'Can you break down [item]?' or 'How many hits to break [item]?' With the communities help, we can answer these questions.

    I will update the listing below as the thread progresses.

    If you would like to add your thoughts or other conclusions, please feel free. If you claim that it takes 1 Explosive Charge to destroy something that I have listed as 2 Charges, then say so. Be specific. Tell me where exactly you placed the C4 (screenshot would be helpful). I will run tests based on your feedback.

    When replying to the thread, please include T…

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  • Zzuullll

    Każdy początkujący gracz wie, że początek gry jest bardzo ciężki szczególnie w grach typu survival. Po tygodniach gry mogę powiedzieć, że później jest troche łatwiej ale ... nie jest łatwo ;) Każdy nowy dzień przynosi nowych szubrawców którzy tylko czychają na ofiary żeby następnie skubnąć im troche sprzętu zgromadzonego podczas przemierzania krainy.

    Poradnik powstał po to by wprowadzić nowych graczy w klimat gry i uswiadomić ich jakie czychają na nich niebezpieczeństwa. Więc przejdźmy do konkretów:

    1. Najlepiej jest zacząć gre po wipie wtedy wszyscy zaczynają od początku z zerowym craftem oraz inwentarzem. Jednak do sukcesu nie jest to konieczne a tylko pomocne.
    2. Przygotuj się, że zginiesz kilka lub nawet kilkanaście razy zanim znajdziesz miejsc…
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