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Information accurate as of: build 904.83

Blueberries are a Food item.


Consuming a Black Raspberry will instantly restore 10 health, 20 thirst, 30 hunger and decrease the player's poisoning status by 5 points. Similar to Apples and Mushrooms, no Heal over Time(HoT) effect is applied upon ingestion.

Black Raspberries can be stacked up to a maximum of 20.

Consuming a Black Raspberry is instantaneous and incurs a relatively short cooldown between each use. This makes them quite potent in combat survival situations.


For the time being, Black Raspberries cannot naturally be found in the wild.

There is, however, a slight chance for Supply Air Drops to yield as much as 3 Black Raspberries at a time.

On extremely rare occasions, regular loot Barrels might also yield a single Black Raspberry.


  • Black Raspberries provide an instant health boost of 10, which makes them even better than Medical Syringes, when it comes to rapid in-combat health regeneration.
  • Black Raspberries are currently quite difficult to obtain.