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Information accurate as of: build 904.83

The Auto Turret is a turret that automatically detects targets and engages them via bullet fire. It is intended to be used for base defense, but can be used for other purposes.

The turret has two internal modes: search-mode and tracking-mode. Upon changing the mode, the turret beeps.

The turret can only hit targets if there is a line of sight, and will only shoot if the target is not authorized in the Auto Turret's safe target list. The target must also be within its range and, for the tower to see it, in the frontal 180 degrees of the turret.

For the Auto Turret to be fully functional, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • It needs to be supplied with at least 10 electricity.
  • It needs to be equipped with a gun.
  • It needs to have ammo in its inventory which can be used by the equipped gun.

If the first two requirements aren't fulfilled, the tower won't boot up. If it is out of ammo, it will still search and track targets, but can't shoot.


The turret's standard mode is search-mode, in which it scans the 180° cone in front of it in a range of 20-30 meters for enemies. Upon finding an enemy, or being hit by an enemy, the turret switches into tracking-mode, signaled by a beep.


In tracking-mode, the turret is locked on to a target, whose location the tower will always know. If there's a line of fire, the tower will turn to the target and attack it, given that the target is within the tower's attack range.

If the line of sight is lost, the tower stays for a short duration in its tracking-mode and keeps aiming at the last known position of the enemy. Once returning into search-mode, the tower will beep.


To interact with a turret, a player needs Building privileges, and the turret needs to be offline.
A tower can be picked up again if the player has equipped a Hammer, upon which the turret loses ~33% of its HP.

Explanation for the not self-explanatory actions:

Authorize/Deauthorize: No matter whether the turret is set to Peacekeeper or Shoot-on-Sight, it will never shoot at an authorized target.

Peacekeeper Mode

The idea of Peacekeeper Mode is to create safe spaces like the Scientist Compound (Outpost) or the Bandit Camp, encouraging non-PvP/non-KOS gameplay within this area.
An Auto Turret in Peacekeeper mode can be identified by its green, rather than the standard red, targeting laser.

When set to Peacekeeper Mode, the turret behaves like usual, except that by standard, every player is seen as friendly.

However, if a player takes certain actions, he will temporarily be declared as enemy. These actions are:

  • Firing a gun or the bow.
  • Dealing damage to a player or player structure

It is important to note that you're declared as hostile by the server itself, so no matter how far away from the turret you take one of the above actions, all turrets (even ones that are only placed afterwards), will see you as enemy.

After being declared as enemy, and neither taking one of the above actions, nor being spotted by a turret for 1 minute, you are being declared as friendly again.


  • The Auto Turret can automatically engage enemies without any player intervention.
  • The Auto Turret is a fairly reliable way of defending your base, especially when you are away.
  • The Auto Turret can fight enemies regardless of the time of day or light level.
  • The Auto Turret will fire through a Prison Cell Gate, Prison Cell Wall, Floor Grill, Chainlink Fence, Chainlink Fence Gate, half walls, low walls, window bars, Twig building pieces, and possibly other creative setups.
  • When equipped with a weapon with low fire rate, for example the Bolt Action Rifle, a turret loaded fully with ammo can keep shooting for a long time.
  • The Auto Turrets attacks depend on the equipped gun and ammunition, making it highly adaptable.


  • The Auto Turret has a short range, only 20 to 30 meters. This is around 10 square foundations length. This can be an issue in flat or barren landscapes.
  • The Auto Turret has a 360 degree firing capability, but it can only detect enemies in a 180 degree radius in front of it. The way the turret is facing can be switched after placed in the turret's use menu.
    • However: If an individual fires at the rear of the turret (outside of its initial 180 degree visibility), it will be able to attack that person, but only if they fire at it first.
  • The Auto Turret may have 1000 health, but it is highly susceptible to melee. One Hatchet swing, for example, will typically do 20 damage while one starter Rock swing will do around 5.
  • Depending on the equipped weapon, the Auto Turret may be expensive or burn through ammo extremely quickly.
  • The turret will often waste ammo attempting to shoot people if they are half-hiding behind certain objects. This makes it possible for the raiders to just wait for the turret to run out of ammo (if it's placed in a poor location) so they can walk by or destroy it.
  • The Auto Turret's shots lag behind the target it is tracking and it is possible for a player to waste the ammo in an Auto Turret by running tight circles around it.
  • The Auto Turret has an internal magazine of the size of the equipped gun. Once emptied, it has to reload.


The Auto Turret can be crafted with:

It can be obtained from Weapon Crates and Airdrops. Airdrops have a higher chance of containing an Auto Turret due to the risk involved in looting them.

Note: The Auto Turret requires a level 2 Workbench to craft.


The following are the damage each round of the weapon deals

High Velocity Rocket

  • 187.4 Damage (63 HP after 5 Rockets)


  • 312.5 Damage (63 HP after 3 Rockets)

Incendiary Rocket

  • Depending on fire spread: 500-1000 Damage

Bolt Action Rifle

  • Silenced: 5 Damage
  • Un-Silenced: 7 Damage
  • Explosive, Un-Silenced: 12 Damage

Semi-Auto Rifle

  • Silenced: 3 Damage
  • Un-Silenced: 4 Damage
  • Explosive, Un-Silenced: 6 Damage

Assault Rifle

  • Silenced: 4 Damage
  • Un-Silenced: 5 Damage
  • Explosive, Un-Silenced: 8 Damage

Low Ammo Warning

If the ammo inside the turret is 50 or less, the low warning will be set.


  • The Auto Turret can hold a maximum of 1536 5.56 Rifle Ammo in its storage.
  • The Auto Turret has 1000 health.
  • The Auto Turret can be picked up by right-clicking it while holding a Hammer and selecting the 'pick up' option. Note that the player must be authorized on the turret in order to do so.
  • Auto Turrets require High Quality Metal in order to be repaired. To repair a damaged Auto Turret simply hit it with a hammer with some High Quality Metal in your inventory.
  • The Auto Turret will lose a portion of its durability every time it is picked up.
  • If a player attacks an Auto Turret from behind, it will swing around 180 degrees and shoot the offending player.
  • The Auto Turret can only fire at one target at a time.
  • If a player is killed by an Auto Turret it will say killed by 'autoturret_deployed (entity)'.


Some concept art for the auto-turret. (From Devblog 67)

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