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There are many animals in Rust. Animals can be hunted, killed and looted by players. They spawn in various rates over different biomes, and can be found most often in wooded areas. Most animals provide a corresponding food item, as well as a corresponding skull, some Cloth, Leather, Bone Fragments, and Animal Fat. Below is a list of animals that are currently in-game.


  • Currently all animals have the potential to be hostile but also some animals will be somewhat friendly. They will attack any players who are nearby as well as players who damage them with ranged weapons. All other animals will attempt to run away in a straight line from any nearby players if damaged with ranged weapons.
  • Recently animals used to be able to run through physical terrain such as rocks, but that was fixed.
  • Animals used to be able to pass through building walls; this bug was fixed
  • Rabbits were in Legacy Rust but were removed
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