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The 9mm Pistol is a craftable weapon which fires up to 12 9mm ammo rounds. It requires 10 Low Quality Metal  to make.


Though the 9mm Pistol is slightly weaker than the P250, but it has virtually no recoil at all so it's good for beginners, and also holds more ammo than the P250. This makes the pistol great for situations where frequent reloads can be dangerous, such as hard-to-hit enemies or multiple assailants.


  • The 9mm Pistol is based on the Beretta 92FS chambered in 9x19mm.


  • When an optic is attached, the model incorrectly shows a claw mount attached to the slide. Claw mounts are generally used only for H&K weapons (like the MP5A4) and would not work on a pistol.
  • When the player pulls out the weapon, the wielder racks the slide to check for a round in the chamber, however the slide is racked too far back, and in reality this would cause the round to eject into the wielder's face. Alternatively, the wielder could be chambering a round in the weapon with a fresh mag. This is still inaccurate considering this is done every time the weapon is equipped.
  • In reality, the Beretta 92FS in 9x19mm holds 15 + 1 rounds in its magazine.
  • The inventory picture of the 9mm shows a CZ-75 Tactical Sport but the model shows a Beretta 92FS


You will need 10 Low Quality Metal as well as the blueprint learnt to craft a 9mm pistol; 10 Low Quality Metal equates to 150 metal fragments.

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