Commandes du serveur Modifier

Syntaxe Raccourci Description Notes
admin.mutevoice [joueur] Permet d'empêcher un joueur ou un administrateur de parler
admin.unmutevoice [joueur] Permet à un joueur ou un administrateur de reparler à nouveau
admin.mutechat [joueur] Permet d'empêcher un joueur ou un administrateur de parler dans le chat
admin.unmutechat "player" Permet à un joueur ou un administrateur de reparler à nouveau dans le chat
global.status status Permet d'afficher la liste des joueurs connectés, leurs pings, leurs IP ainsi que leurs ID Steam Seulement disponible pour les administrateurs.
global.kick [joueur] kick [joueur] Permet d'exclure un joueur/administrateur
global.kickall kickall "raison" Permet d'exclure tout le monde du serveur
global.ban [joueur] ban [joueur] Permet de bannir un joueur/administrateur
global.moderatorid [SteamID] moderatorid [SteamID] Permet de mettre un joueur en tant que modérateur AuthLevel 1, (Modérateur)
global.ownerid [SteamID] ownerid [SteamID] Permet de mettre un joueur/modérateur en tant que propriétaire AuthLevel 2, (Administrateur)
global.removemoderator [SteamID] removemoderator [SteamID] Permet de supprimer un modérateur
global.removeowner [SteamID] removeowner [SteamID] Permet de supprimer un propriétaire
global.banid [SteamID] banid [SteamID] Permet de bannir un joueur via son ID Steam.
global.unban [SteamID] unban [SteamID] Permet de retirer le bannissement via la commande ci-dessus
global.players players Print out currently connected clients etc
global.say "texte" say "texte" Permet de diffuser un message dans le chat en tant que SERVER CONSOLE
global.users( ) users Show user info for players on server.
global.banlist banlist Permet d'afficher la liste des utilisateurs bannis
global.banlistex( ) banlistex Permet d'afficher la liste des utilisateurs bannis - montre les raisons et les noms
global.listid( ) listid Permet d'afficher la liste des utilisateurs bannis - avec leur ID Steam
chat.say "texte" chat.say "texte" Permet d'afficher votre texte dans le chat
craft.add( void ) Aucune description
craft.canceltask( void ) Aucune description
craft.cancel( void ) Aucune description
data.export( void ) Aucune description
entity.debug_toggle( void ) Aucune description
entity.nudge( void ) Aucune description
env.addtime( void ) Aucune description void ) Aucune description
gc.collect( void ) Aucune description
global.restart( ) restart Permet de redémarrer le serveur - avec 300 secondes d'avertissement à 5 secondes d'intervalle
global.quit( ) quit Permet de quitter le jeu void ) report Aucune description
global.objects( void ) objects Aucune description
global.textures( void ) textures Aucune description
global.colliders( void ) colliders Aucune description
global.error( void ) error Aucune description
global.queue( void ) queue Aucune description
global.setinfo( void ) setinfo Aucune description
global.sleep( void ) sleep Aucune description
global.kill( void ) kill Permet de se suicider Utilisé pour réapparaître
global.respawn( void ) respawn Aucune description
global.injure( void ) injure Aucune description
global.spectate( void ) spectate Aucune description
global.respawn_sleepingbag( void ) Aucune description
global.respawn_sleepingbag_remove( void ) Aucune description
global.teleport( void ) teleport [nom] Aucune description
global.teleport2me( void ) teleport2me [nom] Aucune description
global.teleportany( void ) teleportany "bear, deer.." Aucune description
global.cleanup( void ) cleanup Aucune description void ) Aucune description void ) Aucune description
hierarchy.del( void ) Aucune description
inventory.endloot( void ) Aucune description
inventory.give( void ) Aucune description
inventory.giveall( void ) Aucune description
inventory.givebpall( void ) Aucune description
inventory.giveto( void ) Aucune description
inventory.giveid( void ) Aucune description
inventory.givearm( void ) Aucune description
inventory.givebp( void ) Aucune description
pool.status( void ) Aucune description
pool.clear( void ) Aucune description
server.start( ) Permet de démarrer le serveur
server.stop( string DisconnectMessage ) Permet de stopper un serveur
server.backup( ) Backup server folder
server.writecfg( ) writecfg Writes config files
server.fps( void ) no description ) save Force save the current game
server.readcfg( void ) no description
spawn.fill_populations( void ) no description
spawn.fill_groups( void ) no description
weather.clouds( void ) no description
weather.fog( void ) no description
weather.wind( void ) no description
weather.rain [value] Sets the rain factor where 0 is none and 1.0 is 100%. Using anything other than a valid value will set it to "auto".
world.monuments( void ) no description DISABLED
global.dump( void ) no description
global.find( string Name ) Search for a command
global.echo( string output ) Prints something to the debug output
airdrop.drop( void ) no description
cui.test( void ) no description
global.ent kill ent kill Destroys/kills the entity you're targeting (looking at) Useful binding for admins:bind q “ent kill”
global.ent lock ent lock locks the sign/painting you're targeting (looking at)
global.ent unlock ent unlock unlocks the sign/painting you're targeting (looking at)

Server Variables Modifier

Syntax Description Default Range Notes
aianimation.speedscale no description True Boolean
aianimation.speedscale no description True Boolean
aianimation.qualitydistance no description 100
lerp.enabled Enables interpolation on network positions True Boolean
lerp.smoothing The higher this value the more post process smoothing applied. 0 = accurate, 1 = smooth 0.5 0 - 1.0
lerp.time How many seconds behind to lerp. 0 is the most accurate but can be the most jittery 0.1
ai.think no description True Boolean
ai.move no description True Boolean
ai.sensetime no description 1
antihack.enabled is antihack enabled at all True Boolean
antihack.userlevel 0 == users, 1 == admins, 2 == developers 0 0 - 2
antihack.enforcementlevel 0 == no enforcement, 1 == kick, 2 == ban (DISABLED) 0 0 - 2
antihack.relaxationrate the rate at which violation values go back down 0.1
antihack.relaxationpause the time before violation values go back down 5
antihack.maxviolation violation value above this results in enforcement 5
antihack.noclip_protection 0 == disabled, 1 == raycast, 2 == spherecast 2 0 - 2
antihack.noclip_reject whether or not to reject movement when noclip is detected True Boolean
antihack.noclip_penalty violation penalty to hand out when noclip is detected 4
antihack.speedhack_protection 0 == disabled, 1 == enabled 1
antihack.speedhack_reject whether or not to reject movement when speedhack is detected False Boolean
antihack.speedhack_penalty violation penalty to hand out when speedhack is detected 4
antihack.speedhack_forgiveness speed threshold to assume speedhacking, lower value = more false positives 2
antihack.speedhack_deltatime time interval to calculate speed in, lower value = more false positives 0.2
antihack.speedhack_tickets required number of speeding tickets to trigger a violation 15
antihack.speedhack_history speeding ticket history length 20
antihack.flyhack_protection 0 == disabled, 1 == simple, 2 == advanced 1 0 - 2
antihack.flyhack_reject whether or not to reject movement when flyhack is detected False Boolean
antihack.flyhack_penalty violation penalty to hand out when flyhack is detected 4
antihack.flyhack_forgiveness distance threshold to assume flyhacking, lower value = more false positives 2
antihack.debuglevel 0 == silent, 1 == print max violation, 2 == print every violation 1 0 - 2
audio.master Volume 1 Volume 1 Volume 1
audio.voice Volume 1
audio.speakers Volume 2
chat.enabled Enable or disable chat displaying True Boolean
chat.serverlog no description True Boolean
construct.frameminutes How many minutes before a placed frame gets destroyed 30
craft.instant no description False Boolean
decay.scale no description 1
decay.debug no description False Boolean
env.time Time of day. 12 is midday. 12 0 - 24.0 Day 26
env.month Month 5
env.year Year 2024
file.time no description False Boolean
fps.limit The maximum number of frames to render per second 256
fps.graph no description 0
global.developer no description 0
global.safemode no description False Boolean
global.debugmode no description False Boolean
global.warmup no description True Boolean
global.censornudity no description True Boolean
global.perf no description 0
global.god If you're an admin this will enable god mode True Boolean
global.skincol If you're an admin you can change your skin colour using this variable (0-1) -1
global.skintex If you're an admin you can change your skin texture using this variable (0-1) -1
global.skinmesh If you're an admin you can change your head mesh using this variable (0-1) -1
graphics.shadowlights no description 1
graphics.drawdistance no description 2500
graphics.fov no description 75
graphics.hud no description True Boolean no description True Boolean
graphics.branding no description True Boolean
graphics.dof no description False Boolean
graphics.quality The currently selected quality level 0
graphics.shadowdistance no description 100
graphics.lodbias no description 0.5
graphics.shaderlod no description 2147483647
graphics.uiscale no description 1 no description 0
graphics.parallax no description 0
net.visdebug Turns on debug display of network visibility False Boolean
net.debug no description False Boolean
net.log no description False Boolean
physics.bouncethreshold no description 2
physics.sleepthreshold no description 0.005
physics.solveriterationcount The default solver iteration count permitted for any rigid bodies (default 7). Must be positive 3
physics.steps The amount of physics steps per second 30.003
server.ip no description
server.port no description 28015
server.maxplayers no description 200
server.hostname no description
server.identity no description my_server_identity
server.level no description Procedural Map
server.seed no description 8675309
server.worldsize no description 4000
server.saveinterval no description 300 no description True Boolean
server.tickrate no description 10
server.entityrate no description 16
server.official no description False Boolean
server.globalchat no description True Boolean
server.stability no description True Boolean
server.radiation no description False Boolean
server.npctickrate no description 5
server.itemdespawn no description 180
server.aihandlerms no description 50
server.pve no description False Boolean
server.description no description No server description has been provided.
server.headerimage no description
server.url no description
server.eac no description 1
server.planttick Plants tick every x seconds. This is how many seconds between ticks. 60
server.planttickscale Setting this to 2 will make plants grow, fruit and die two times faster than normal. 1
server.maxunack Max amount of unacknowledged messages before we assume we're congested 4
server.rootfolder no description server/my_server_identity
server.backupfolder no description backup/0/my_server_identity
server.backupfolder1 no description backup/1/my_server_identity
server.backupfolder2 no description backup/2/my_server_identity
server.backupfolder3 no description backup/3/my_server_identity
server.compression no description False Boolean
server.netlog no description True Boolean
spawn.min_rate no description 0.1
spawn.max_rate no description 1
spawn.min_density no description 0.1
spawn.max_density no description 1
terrain.quality no description 100
terrain.pvt no description False Boolean
time.fixeddelta Fixed delta time in seconds 0.03333
time.maxdelta The minimum amount of times to tick per frame 0.33
vis.damage Turns on debug display of damages False Boolean
vis.attack Turns on debug display of attacks False Boolean
vis.metab Turns on debug display of metabolism False Boolean
vis.triggers Show trigger entries False Boolean
voice.loopback Aucune description False Boolean
water.quality Aucune description 0
rcon.password Aucune description
rcon.port Aucune description 0
rcon.ip Aucune description
nametags.enabled Aucune description True Boolean
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