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• 1/20/2019

Rust Funny/PVP Montage

Hey guys im looking for some support on my new rust video

Rust | PVP/Funny Moments Montage | Surviving Off PVP |
Rust | PVP/Funny Moments Montage | Surviving Off PVP | YouTube
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• 12/15/2018

connection failed

rust will not connect can see servers and try to connect but wont connect on my laptop rog scar editioon

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• 12/2/2018

Interested in trying Rust (or really any game) for the first time?

As an adult gamer, I just no longer have the time (nor patience) to wade through all the tons of games out there that are clones of one another - so I have developed a routine to get the maximum results at minimum effort. Make no mistake, there is a method to this that can save you time and help you to avoid some major headaches.

If you aren't interested in learning 3 of the many Tips For Chasing The Dragon, then this post might not be for you!

If you're interested find what you seek, and finding it fast, then read on.

Now, for those of you still here, here's an easy 3 step process to finding almost any information you seek on any game, in any genre, on any medium!

Step 1) Join a Reddit community - This one is pretty straight forward. Hop on reddit, hit that search button, type in your game (Rust, WoW, Anthem) or genre/idea (games, mmorpgs, guns) and voila. Tons of information at your fingertips. You can even sign up and join the community, which will provide you with increasingly more valuable information as you build a respectable reputation. Use the search function to find specific answers to your questions.

Step 2) Use your Google-Fu - Type in: (Your Game Here) Gameplay, Walkthrough, LetsPlay, etc. Watch someone else play the game! Do they look like they are having fun? Does the game look fun? Does it look like garbage? Think of the time you'll save NOT downloading that game, because you watched a 20 minute video and saw what a train-wreck it was!

Step 3) Download and UTILIZE DISCORD! Discord is THE MOST POWERFUL communication app on the planet right now. There are focused chat rooms that act like real-time forums for almost any game you could imagine. Utilizing the search function (Control + F) can find you answers to ANY question on ANY topic about ANY game 99% of the time.

Now, if you're still with me, I'd like to congratulation you for taking the time to make yourself a more efficient gamer. I hope my tips & tricks help you find that game you've been looking for! Also, if you hadn't heard the term Google-Fu before, you're welcome ;)

One last thing before I go-- it's shameless plug time. I recently posted on article on showcasing 10 of The Best Games With Guns. Some are MMO, some are Action Combat, some are survival. The write-up includes LetsPlays and game play videos by popular gaming Youtubers like TheLazyPeon, Kage848, and Fort Mark Gaming.

I've given my honest review of these games from a researching standpoint. By that, I mean I performed steps including the three listed above in order to absorb as much knowledge as I could about each game and make an informed decision about each. Is game play good? I watched LetsPlays, Youtube, created characters and messed about, etc. Are servers stable, and populated? I checked steam reviews and read opinions, both good and bad. I asked google, "Is (This Game) dead?" You'd be surprised at the answers.. I even checked steamcharts if they were available. It's easy to tell a gem from a turd if you've followed the steps above.

So, check out the article if you want. Let me know what you liked and disliked about it. Let me know if any of my tips helped you in your search for gaming supremacy!

Stay safe gamers!

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• 11/19/2018

Add new Wiki Pages please!

Please add pages to this wiki! You're missing everything since the Hot air balloon update!

Also I noticed that a lot of pages have been edited by unregistered users and they've done a terrible job (tiny articles, spelling mistakes, no evidence or pictures).

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• 11/18/2018

Respawn Rate/Time on Military Crates

Ive been searching cant find any relatively newer info on the respawn rate of Military and other type crates since the inception of the component system. Does anyone have any info on this?

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• 11/8/2018

command to give vending machine??

command to give vending machine??
  • command to give vending machine??
  • command to give vending machine??
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• 9/4/2018

Spawning errors

Hello all,
I recently had to completely wipe my server because of a error in spawning entities in rust. I have my own private server, and I spawned a bear in an open area. Immediately after, thousands upon thousands started spawning in its place. I have no idea what I have done, but my players are not thrilled that they have lost their inventory. what can I do about this?
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• 6/12/2018

Wiki Suggestion

It would be nice to know what level of workbench is needed for crafting something. Also, the amount of scrap needed to create a blueprint of a craftable item. Thank you for your hard work!
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• 6/10/2018
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• 2/9/2018

Tool Cabinet

WHy have rust added tool cabinet? It's annoying that you loose your house if your not on! I can't be on the server 24/7, please take the cabinet away!
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• 1/20/2018

Cannot transfer water in or out of barrels or catchers anymore

They used to work ok but just stopped a few days ago. I can splash water in but not transfer it in or out from bottles or jugs, I can drink directly from them but that's pretty useless. The jugs and bottles can be filled from a river or lake. ??
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• 1/13/2018

my water catchers have stopped working

Since the last update all my water catchers have stopped working any tips on how to sort it
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• 1/12/2018


can i find spring in a military crate?
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• 1/9/2018

Portable infoboxes outreach

Hello! I am Aii, a member of Vanguard group. I am here to present a proposal regarding infoboxes on this wiki. I would like to introduce portable infoboxes here which provide various benefits, including simplicity and improved accessibility across all platforms.I have created drafts and styling, and these can be looked into through Special:Insights/nonportableinfoboxes and User:Aiihuan/wikia.css respectively.To provide a comparison:

OriginalPortableJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})If community has any suggestions and concerns, please do go ahead! I shall do my best to clear them up. Otherwise, I will approve the changes in about five days, presuming everything is okay.Thank you! :)
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• 1/3/2018

Shotgun trap can't shoot through netting.

Hey, I have a netting in my base for climbing to next floor. I have placed some chests and a shotgun trap behind it so it could shoot people when climbing the netting (like a auto turret shooting from inside of chainling fences or prison walls). But unlike the auto turret-prison wall- chainlink fence tactic, my shotgun trap's bullets don't go through the netting. It is getting triggered but cant shoot people behind the netting and netting is getting damaged only. I request a fix for this. If chainlink fences and prison walls work this way, a netting made of ropes shouldn't be bulletproof too. Thx
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• 11/22/2017


zaisiu su jums gerai pradedam
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• 11/22/2017

can a ladder be placed on a structure while swimming?

can a ladder be placed on a structure while swimming?
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• 11/22/2017

Portability Experiments!

Hello there! My name is Colouratura and I am here to let you know that I am going to be sticking around on the wiki to assess the amount of work that would need to go into converting the infoboxes on the wiki to FANDOM's Portable Infobox syntax as well as to mark down and look at other templates on the wiki that are non-portable.
I am the one who led the fallout wiki on their path to conversion and worked closely with the community there to make sure that conversion, if wanted by the community, would be as smooth and painless as possible.
Just as a final note: I am not here as a member of FANDOM staff and none of the experimental changes that I work on are mandated to be adopted. As I work I would appreciate feedback and at the end of the project I will submit progress to the community so that you all can weigh in and, hopefully, choose to adopt this new format in order to bring your content to mobile readers.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to let me know!
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• 11/7/2017

Items that are built killing people when trying to remove.

New server renter here.
On my server when I or others try to break something they built it kills them.
What have I done wrong?
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• 10/28/2017

Why are all the bundle files in a clean install keep failing!!

I have had the game less than 24 hours only been able to play a total of 1 hour out of the 4 logged on steam, I keep getting Unknown file version (Bundles\maps\maps.bundle), if I keep going with a connection i end up with both the textures files with the same error.
I am at wits end at the moment, like I said this is a vanilla install no mods or steam workshop content installed.
Any help will be greatly appreciated 
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